X360 BGNChise Reminders/Rule Changes EDITED 9/5, late

Play your games everybody.  Today, or tomorrow.

I've decided a couple of things having seen how the first week and most of week two have gone, (I've never done this before either, so I wanted to see how it played out a little before I started with the Goodell-style ruling with iron fist shit.)

Here's what I've come up with:

I.  Play your games:  This only works if the games get played.  I know it's tough to figure out a schedule with two people, people have crazy lives/weeks, and all that, but if you have time to read and post on this blog, you should be able to carve out 45 min to play your game once a week.  In order to help make that happen, rule number 2:

II.  Make your availability known:  Jayfire has been so kind as to volunteer to do a recap post every week.  This post is awesome, last time he even said something about a weekly MVP poll.  Sounds awesome.  It's more awesome if you play your games, and to help that happen, I came up with this:   When he makes his post on Sundays, or Mondays, or whenever he feels like it, reply in the comments with times you can play.  Every week.  This makes it easy for your opponent to find you, and it saves the hassle of trying to get in touch.  The e-mail list sort of fizzled out, so this seems like the best way.  ADHD version:  First time you see the weekly post, go in there and post when you can play.

III.  Week advancement: hard and fast, just like your sister likes it:  Sundays.  Midnight.  If for some reason (passed out drunk after football) I can't do it at this time, I'll do it when I get up Monday, but no more waiting for people.   If your game isn't played by midnight Sunday, don't bitch if it gets simmed.  Which brings me to

IV.  Play your goddamn games:  I recommend Saturday, cuz there's no Eagles, and most people aren't working (or at least aren't working ALL day), and you have all day and night.  Hey, it's Saturday now!  Maybe you should play your game, you lousy delinquent.  

V.  Talk trash:  I don't really think you're a lousy delinquent, and I (probably) don't know how your sister likes it.  But I'm gonna say these things to motivate you to play your week, so you can get to the week you can kick my ass faster.  And also because I feel like trash talk can get really funny with some of the people on this site/in this league.  So do it.  Gaudam is good at this.

VI.  No trades with computers:  Just don't.  I know you can trade your first and second round draft picks and your back up TE for AP.  You should be an NFL GM, you're a genius.  Now just don't.  

VII.  I was going to try to make it to ten:  Like, commandments, and the Bill of Rights... good lists are 10.

VIII.  But it looks like I'm running out of steam:  Yeah, I'm pretty much out.  Not gonna make it to 10.  

IX.  Damn:  Nobody's gonna respect this list cuz it's only 9 rules...  Fine, I'll add one more.

X.  PLAY YOUR GAMES.  DO IT NOW:  Why are you still reading this?  It's saturday and there's someone who wants to beat you down and then talk trash about it.  Go!


As mentioned above: If I'm passed out drunk, I can't advance the week.  This is happening now; also, I'm away from home, and the only XBox I have access to is presently inaccessible.  So, tomorrow late morning, I'll advance the week.  Think noon-ish.  Sorry about the delay.

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