Poor Donovan. Woe is him

How lucky we are to have drafted him instead of Ricky Williams. Because we all know how much a bust Ricky was. He never made any pro bowls. At the time, he wasn't the best running back EVER to come out of college. How were we sooo blinded?


I mean, Donovan graced us with his presence for 11 years. And he turned us to a good team. He did this all by himself. He had to put this team on his back, because he never ever had a Running back who could catch, or a good offensive line. How could you succeed with a defense like that? I mean, Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent’s were horrible. And Trotter sucked in the middle. Huge Douglas and Brian Dawkins were horrible teammates.


I know, he never had a good receiver to throw to. Dante Stallworth was HORRIBLE, and Terell Owens was the worst. We all know what he did to this team. We never made an attempt for Javon Walker, Anquan Boldin, we never inquired on Larry Fitzgerald, and even Randy Moss. We just don't care about Wide receiver. We gave serious consideration to signing Plaxico Burress when we already had TO, that was never EVER on our Radar. And bringing in Antonio Freeman was a total waste of time. And Kevin Curtis was NEVER gonna be more than a 50 catch 500 yard receiver.  We just don't draft WR high, I mean Fred Ex, Todd Pinkston, Reggie Brown, DJax were all late draft picks. How could we do that to Donovan.


This team has never succeeded while Donovan has been hurt. I mean AJ Feely, Koy Detmer, Jeff Garcia, Kevin Kolb all just couldn't keep the ball rolling in Donovan’s absence.


Lets be real, Andy Reid had nothing to do with Donovan’s success. After all, he just doesn't know QBs.


Ok, OK. This statement isn't gonna be sarcastic.

Andy Reid is just as much a factor to Donovan’s success as Donovan's helping Andy. If Donovan were to be drafted by any other team, he would have faded away like all of the other QBs in that draft. Andy made Donovan who he is. He should be glad he came here, I'm sure Michael Vick wishes he were here as long as Donovan. Look at all the help they have given to him. Andy is a great QB coach; he put Donovan in the best situation possible for years. So what, he never signed the top WR every season, but its not because they didn't try. They made multiple serious attempts at a top notch WR. They just refused to pay big bucks for bad Big name WRs. They have been correct 100% of the time. Just remember TJ Houshmendzadeh. We won't just sign a WR just because. He has to be worth the money.


Again, Donovan is LUCKY he was here. He would have been out of the league if the browns or bears would have taken him. So I don't want to hear how lucky we are, he needs to realize how lucky he was. I'm sure Michael looks at Donovan’s career with envious eyes. Not everyone has the privilege to play for a good team and good coaches and organization. I mean, he support this team. Last I check, we still have a 60,000 fan watiling list for season tickets.


No more poor Donovan, poor us for having a QB who had such a good situation and just didn't

appreciate it


(Also, I don't want to hear anymore coments about Donovan getting booed in the draft, last I checked, Kevin Kolb got booed to, he got over it)

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