BGN Roster: Asante and....?

The LB corps have finished the polls, here our our backers. Erine Sims, Steward Bradley, Akeem Jordan, Keenan Clayton, Omar Gaither, Mosie Foku, and Jamar Chaney.



9 spots left and 13 DB's left. Lets begin with the corners.

My oh my have things changed in 2 years.

After signing Pro Bowler Asante Samuel this off-season, the Philadelphia Eagles have three corners capable of lining up against anyone. Lito Sheppard has gone to two Pro Bowls, and Sheldon Brown led the team with three interceptions and 19 passes broken up in 2007.

Add Joselio Hanson, who has started eight games in his three-year career, and the Eagles have the best corps of cornerbacks heading into the season.

1. Philadelphia

Since 2003, Brown, Samuel and Sheppard have combined for 50 interceptions and nine touchdowns. Opponents completed 57.6 percent of their passes against the Eagles last season, third best defensively in the NFL. That percentage should decrease with Samuel.


Now we have one good corner in Samuel and a whole bunch of question marks. Lito Sheppard's career disappeared that year and is now working with the Vikings desperate secondary. Shledon, one of our more reliable corners, was traded this off-season to the Browns. And Hanson might not make the team thanks to his piss poor play on the outside. But not all hope is lost.

The Eagles drafted in the fourth round Trevard Lindley, a young corner who fell in the draft because of injury. He has been healthy and amazing in his short time with the Eagles. He had an impressive game against the Bengals and might be a starter next year.

Then enter some fairly new veterans. Ellis Hobbs is not only our starting KR, but opposite of Samuel like the Superbowl days in New England. We lost the veteran halfway last year with a frightening neck injury. He has recovered well and has outplayed the competition in Philadelphia.

The next guy was also added last year to the team. Dimitri Patterson, a fairly young corner didn't make much noise last year with 11 games and 17 tackles, but this year the corner has shined. Whether laying out star wideouts like Chad Ochocino or making a INT, this man has earned a spot on this new Eagles secondary.

But from here, it is very murky.

Joselio Hanson has been a major disappointment since the 2008-2009 season. He has underperformed his contract and looks from the outside in at the corners in my opinion. He has been constantly burned on the outside by the likes of many receivers like T.O.

Macho Harris was a fan favorite at the beginning of the 2009-2010 season. He won the starting job and had a couple of decent games. But when the backers went down, so did the secondary. Insufficient pressure gave QB's time to pick apart the secondary, especially down the middle where 35 was (now 24). The Eagles have been switching him between safety and corner and has a decent camp with average play. But with the race being tight, ok is not good at all.

Geoffery Pope was added a year ago as well. Signed from the Bengals November of last year, Pope has had a short career and unfortunately hasn't drawn much attention.

All I know is David Pender is a rookie. Couldn't find anything, which isn't good.

Jorrick Calvin

Was the move right? Will it have implications in the secondary? Is a fullback needed that much to deal a draft pick away? All of those questions come to mind -- my mind at least. Calvin possessed the same potential that star cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie did entering the league, as well as corner Greg Toler. Apparently after three preseason games, the team had witnessed enough. 

Calvin will continue his career in Philadelphia. He could become a star, a solid role-player, or eventually turn into a nobody. That's not the part that bothers me. I am concerned, seeing how a player that was expected to make the 53-man roster is no longer with the team. This could however, suggest that the front office and coaching staff isn't as worried about the secondary as we all are.

That just makes me super excited that we could develop a sixth round pick into a stud. I really hope he either makes the squad or nobody steals him from the practice squad.

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