And when we face a REAL D - The History of Vick in Question

I'm as happy as kid on Christmas, a pig in sh*t, clam (period, being that there's no colloquial reason as to why clams are so goddamn happy).  Great game, fun as hell to watch, and no need for silver lining cause the sun shone all goddamn day.  But it doesn't mean there won't be rain on the parade, cause there's plenty to consider before we break our ankles dancing to the psalms of our new found Messiah. 

PLEASE keep in mind, that the Vick led Falcons had a serious habit of coming out of the gate strong and failing to make the playoffs (injured Vick or not - see 2005, 2006), not to mention getting their O shutdown when they actually made it.  

As the devil's advocate (see self-proclaimed status as clam, above), I'll refrain from addressing the frequency with which Vick is hit and how that may impact the season via injury.  Sticking to the "what ares" in lieu of the "what ifs,"  I'll keep in mind the facts that this is a "new Vick," a much more talented offense, and a far better D (despite its issues) than the Vick led Atlanta era could ever dream of.

None of that, however, answers the most pressing of those questions: what will we have to do against a serious defense.......

...........not serious like the 2nd ranked Green Bay D we faced in the opener, but serious like the Green Bay D we'll hopefully face in the playoffs.  One that has time to prepare for the Vick surprise, while exploiting our porous line and our baffling unwillingness (NOT inability) to run the ball.


Granted, we had some success against whats shaping up to be a top notch defensive unit, but Vick has had just that in the past with nothing to show for it.  There are several teams with upper-tier D (Titans, Vikings to start) that can find a way to deal with Vick.  We all saw how JJ did it en route to the Bowl and even the season before.  Add to that the history of the Vick led, epic Atlantian meltdowns (losing 6 of their last 8 in '05 and 7 of their last 9 in '06) and theres reason to believe that even sub par opponents (see lions & browns '06) can find a response to an offense that relies to heavily on Vick.

The EASIEST way for a talented and/or well coached defense to pull the rug from our wonder boy's lightning feet resides firmly in our refusal to run the ball.  Simply headhunting a scrambling threat, despite seeing far less of it than I expected this Sunday past, has always been a reasonable approach.  One of the major downsides to the spy/headhunter is how susceptible he is to a play that doesn't involve the player he is spying.   When every play involves the player you're spying, you're almost always in the play.  So if we don't run the ball, we can't lead the spies from the play side, period.  

Spy coverage aside, we simply need more than the end around to tie up veteran backers.  With no serious run threat, there's no need to clog the gaps, and no need to keep the defense "honest" by reading the play, as opposed to dropping the backers into shallow coverage before the O line is off its hands. 

Coupled with the fact that some of our historically successful run plays from the most recent Reid era are of the "trick-ish" variety (end around, screen surprise, etc.),  our play calling options become greatly limited as the season goes on.  Put a seasoned vet in the middle, hell, put one in the secondary, and the end around is seen a mile away if you're not looking to read the O-Line for a run or a pass.  And the screen?  Not an Arctic Splash's chance in Mid-August Fishtown of not getting devoured if the D stays back.  And a busted screen is often a drive killer.

 So considering the faults of this offense, which are more dangerous than pass reliance as the season goes on?  I've included a poll for fun, but please feel free to rant and rave after voting.  I excluded injury from the list of costly happenings, as injuries aren't quite inherant faults but unfortunate happenings.  Yes, an injured Vick would be most costly, but barring that I don't see anything more costly than the lack of called runs, as it even makes his getting injured more likely.......

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