Nate Allen vs. McNabb

Three games is hardly enough of a sample size to tell if a player is going to be an all pro. It would be unfair to label a guy a bust with such limited playing time. But In my opinion it is not unfair to look at three games and deduce that a guy is a player. And if he is a player now, I only expect him to get better.

One of my FFB leagues we play an defender. So I was looking up stats and came across the idea of comparing Nate Allen vs. Earl Thomas, Eric Berry, Jarius Byrd(should of been DROY last year) and Dawkins the guy he is replacing.

Earl Thomas: 17solo, 4 assists, 2pass defended, 2Int's, 1tackles for loss

Eric Berry: 14solo, 3assists, 0pass defended, 0Int's, 2tackles for loss

Nate Allen: 12solo, 0assists, 3pass defended, 2Int's, 0tackles for loss

Dawk:  12solo, 3assists, 2pass defended, 1Int, 1tackles for loss

Byrd: 8solo, 3assists, 0PD, 0Int's, 0tackles for loss

Byrd from rookie year: 9solo, 3assists, 0PD, 0Int's, 0tackles for loss


As you can see Allen is clearly holding his own. It took until week 5 last year for Byrd to intercept his first of 9 passes. This bodes well for how fast Allen is showing promise. Now before anyone gets carried away, he is no Brian Dawkins. They are completely different style players. I just wanted to show that it looks like our second time around we got it right. Now this isn't set in stone. Consistency is key to being great. I am saying he was a great pick and looks to be a core player going forward.

I'm not confident this will be covered this week but Donavan is coming to the Linc next weekend. No, really he is going to be back in Philadelphia, where it always is sunny.  There's no way we boo him. Especially after his comments about us being ungrateful fans. But it seems these two players will be tied together forever because of the fact McNabb was traded for what turned out to be Allens pick. This week Allen will be a huge part of making McNabbs trip back to Philadelphia not so sunny.

To get Moss open the Redskins have been moving Moss all over the place to try and dictate match ups. One of the places they have been sticking him is the slot. They have been trying to get him matched up on nickle backs and safety's. Allen will be one of those players they want to test early and often. Moss also is the guy they shoot down the field and throw bombs to off of play action. It will be important for Allen to be disciplined and stay over top of the very speedy Moss.

So there you have it. Well in an unprofessional nut shell. McNabb is back in town, facing the guy who was drafted for the pick we received for trading him and Washington will be looking to pick on Allen when possible. Anyone want to take a stab at who does what and the outcome of the game?

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