My Thoughts on the Defense...

Hi guys, im not new here but i dont post regularly enough for you guys to know me like other members. Born in Los Angeles as a die hard Lakers fan, family was never interested in football. My Brother-in-Law was born in Philly and thats where my fan-hood came from. 

Now i can move on to the reason for this post. Which is our defense, or lack there of. Theres been a number of reasons put out by BGN'ers as to why this defense has been disappointing(Last in pts allowed) these 2 games. Heres my theory as to why this is. 


LACK OF SIZE! I know this might sound crazy but our starters on the defensive end on all Under-sized. These past 3 years we've drafted "speed guys, with high motors" and while i have no problem with that, at some positions you need a big guy. Our lack of size IS the reason our defense has been struggling, they cant tackle as consistently(because of their size compared to the opposing player), our D-Line will get abused by good O-Lines because we dont have the strength against those HUGE O-Line(Dallas games last year).

Now im going to compare our starters on D to the starters on defense for every other team in the NFC East. Lets see how we match up.


LE: Eagles: B. Graham 6-2 268; Giants: J. Tuck 6-5 274; Cowboys: M. Spears 6-4 311;Redskins: A. Carriker 6-6 315

RE: Eagles: T. Cole: 6-3 270; Giants: O. Umenyora: 6-3 261; Cowboys: I. Olshanksy: 6-5 315 Redskins: K. Golston: 6-4 310

DT's: Eagles: B. Bunkley: 6-2 306; M. Patterson: 6-1 300; Giants: C. Canty: 6-7 304; B. Cofield: 6-4 306; Cowboys: J. Ratliff: 6-4 303; Redskins: M. Kemoeatu 6-5 350

LOLB: Eagles: A. Jordan: 6-1 230;Giants: K. Bullock: 6-3 235; Cowboys: A. Spencer: 6-3 260; Redskins: B. Orakpo: 6-4 260

MLB: Eagles: S. Bradley: 6-4 258; Giants: J. Goff: 6-2 236; Cowboys: B. James: 6-2 245; K. Brooking: 6-2 242; Redskins: 5-10 245; R. McIntosh: 6-2 242

ROLB: Eagles: E. Simms: 6-0 230; Giants: M. Boley: 6-3 223; Cowboys: D. Ware: 6-4 262; Redskins: A. Carter: 6-4 255

CB1: Eagles: A. Samuel: 5-10 185; Giants: C. Webster: 6-0 202; Cowboys: M. Jenkins: 5-10 200; Redskins: D. Hall: 5-10 195

CB2: Eagles: E. Hobbs: 5-9 195; Giants: T. Thomas: 6-0 199; Cowboys: T. Newman: 5-10 193; Redskins: C. Rodgers: 6-0 192

SS: Eagles Q. Mikell: 5-10 203; Giants: K. Phillips: 6-2 210; Cowboys: G. Sensabaugh: 6-1 210; Redskins: L. Landry: 6-0 220

FS: Eagles: N. Allen: 6-1 210; Giants: A. Rolle: 6-0 208; Cowboys: A. Ball: 6-2 195; Redskins: R. Doughty: 6-1 210


So out of 11 defensive positions heres where our Eagles stand. Ranking us according to size of players in NFC East:

LE: Last

RE: Tied Last

DT's: Last

LOLB: Last

ROLB: Last

MLB: 1st!

CB1: Tied 2nd

CB2: Last

SS: Last

FS: 2nd

We have the smallest player at 7 out of 11 players. Thats not good, not good at all. Speed is a great thing to have, but it needs to be mixed in with size. You cant win with only speed on your team, Offenses are just going to pound us every game. 

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