Something to Watch For at QB

First FanPost here, so take it easy if this is off.

Speaking as someone who was ready to see what Kolb had and was initially against the Vick move, I am getting really fired up about this offense now that I've had a few days to mull it over. I think Michael Vick is really going to light up the field with our talent, and I think that the game this Sunday is going to be good for getting some swagger going in to Week 4 against Donny.

If our D can play up to our preseason expectations (which you can put me on the record as saying I think they will once Bradley's in and Gaither goes off, based on what happened in GB and Detroit), I think we honestly have a really great shot at winning the East with the way everyone else is playing and maybe getting a good playoff run going. I'm not about to say Super Bowl yet, though, it's way too early for that and we don't have nearly enough data.

There's one thing we should all watch for when Vick's playing, though. It's after the jump if you're still interested.

(Disclaimer: I'm not saying this will make or break the season, I just think it's something to watch for that make a big difference.)

I was reading over the Didinger article that was in the article roundup that JasonB just posted, and something struck my eye that was a really good point. Here's a quote from Didinger:

On the tape, you see how the defense reacted when Vick broke out of the pocket. The two defensive backs on that side left their coverage responsibility and came up, expecting Vick to run. That left Jackson open near the sideline and Vick hit him for a big play on the Eagles' touchdown drive.

This type of play, in my mind, is where Vick really stands out, and I think it'll be big for him this season. With the way our line is playing, breaking out of the pocket could be critical based on how long he likes to hold the ball. As you all saw in Detroit (albeit against an awful secondary), one of the biggest reasons he's playing so hot right now is because he doesn't just run it every time. He keeps his eyes downfield and makes throws to open receivers.

Here's the things, though: You're kidding yourself if you think defensive coordinators aren't noticing that when gameplanning for him, though. If he keeps up this type of complete QB performance, I think you'll see defenses staying back and defending passes in this type of situation more often. So, here are some major questions in my mind, and I want to hear some BGN wisdom on this one:

To what extent do you think defenses will defend the pass on this type of down in the future? When/If they do begin playing Vick this way, will he have the good judgment to keep the ball if the DBs stay back in solid coverage and make them pay, or will we see more plays like against Green Bay (fourth quarter, I think?) when he could have easily run in the TD, but he tried to force the pass into coverage?

If he can play smart, I think this type of play could end up being his bread and butter -- a damned if you do, damned if you don't type of situation where if you play the run, he passes for a big gain and if you don't, he runs for a big gain. If he showcases good decision-making in these situations, I think he's going to give a lot of coordinators some long nights trying to figure him out.

That's just my two cents, though. Sorry if this is too long, I just wanted to get all of my reasoning out there so you know where I'm coming from.

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