My Vick consipiracy Theories.

I am so confused now. What just happened? Should I be happy? Should I be furious? Let’s go over some possible motivations over this move, and try to sort out how we should feel.

I would be a liar if I tell you that I saw this coming. But what would prompt Andy to make such a drastic move?

Conspiracy Theory #1

I think Andy intended to play Kolb all year, and he was sincere in his calling for Kolb to play against Jacksonville, as they are the ideal opponent for him. After all, he actually played well against them in the Preseason. Let face it, Kolb or Vick gets this win. So, this decision isn't about putting you team in a good position to win games, because both QB win this. Also, the fact that Jacksonville has its struggles gives them the perfect landing spot for Kolb, as he has all the ideal tools to succeed and gain confidence for the future. We all know confidence is important.

That if winning wasn't the objective of this move, what is it objective? In come Minnesota, and the struggles of one Brett Favre. It’s possible that Andy received a call from Minnesota earlier this week, and the preliminary talks began for a trade for Vick. Eagles know how much stock has rose for Vick, and tell Minnesota that they want a first rounder. But Minnesota says that they refuse to give up a pick for a guy that they aren't sure is fully back. So they need to see how far along Michael is in his return. So Andy agrees to play Vick a game or two to show the league how "Back" Michael is. After all, would you trade a first round pick for a former Pro bowler who only played a game and a half? Andy explains this entire situation to Kolb and he understands.

Why do I believe this to be a strong possibility? I would like to point at Kolb’s extension as my proof. Why would we extend Kolb a year, (and essentially rob him of a chance to start for another team via FA). That is very uncharacteristic of the Eagles to totally STEAL years from a player like that (It isn't impossible, but VERY unlikely) Andy did way too much to accommodate McNabb last year. Also consider the fact that you could have traded Kolb last year for a second rounder or so. His stock was so high. I don't think Screwing Kolb benefits them at all. So I think it unlikely we are trying to do so. Also compound this to the fact that you serve absolutely no purpose in playing Vick if Kolb is your guy. You only retard Kolb’s progress a year.

Conspiracy Theory # 2

Eagles have always intended for Vick to be the guy. They go through the entire publicity hit, and pay the big bucks for a backup. You trade away McNabb, and use Kolb as a coverup for your true intentions. Why else would you pay a back up 5 Mil, and defend him for his "Birthday" mishaps, and refuse to trade him over the offseason.

They wanted to show the fans how good Mike is, and allow his rep to be repaired, and you use Kolb as a cover up, only to supplant him when possible.

One draw back to this theory. That’s Kolb’s extension. Why do we ROB him of his FA and a chance to start somewhere?  You could have accomplished this w/o stealing for Kevin.

If this second theory is true, that means the Eagles management is very deceitful and sinister. They used a good boys reputation only to soften the blow of the batboys replacements rep. Knowing how much the fans will pull for the back up.

I would hope this is not their goal in this move.

Final thoughs. I feel that Kolb deserves a fair shake at the QB position. Give the boy a game at least. If not, just move the boy for some picks. I don't care who starts, as long as we get good value for the other guy. They better not let one walk for free.

I think Kolb and a first round pick (for Vick) = Vick and a first round pick (for Kolb). Both equations work for me. But both equations call for a trade. This entire situation at least justifies your McNabb trade a little more, since they both involve a equation where we have other players in and McNabb out. If he were here, none of these options are possible.

You essentially got Vick + First round pick (Kolb) + Nate Allen + Third rounder 2011 = McNabb. Or Kolb + First round for Vick + Nate Allen + 3rd rounder 2011 = McNabb. So do you still think we should have kept McNabb?

This is a complicatedand confusion situation, but not a bad situation to be in if we play our cards right.

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