Wildcat misconceptions


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Over the last few weeks, I've been a little irked by the number of people who oppose the wildcat formation without even understanding it. Its even more frustrating hearing people like Ike Reese start to bad mouth the formation. I used to trust that the media understood football. But apparently they don't. So I wanted to give a quick explanation of why the wildcat is here to stay, and why it isn't bad.

Many people see the wildcat formation and think that it ruins a quarterback’s rhythm. But this is absolutely NOT the case. In the wildcat, the formation usually calls for a QB to play WR, and the O-Line receives an additional tackle to the side where the run is intended. What is accomplished by this?

First, by bringing a QB to stand at the WR position, this forces the defense to still cover the QB/WR, and more importantly this forces the Safety to stay back in coverage, due to the threat of a double pass. Keeping this Safety back is key, as you have one less player attacking the box on a running down. Compound this to the fact that you added an extra tackle to advance your odds of getting a first down.

Second, by adding an extra Tackle you add another legitimate blocker. (A true Wildcat Formation calls for 2 Tackles to be lined up next to each other, but the media or the fans don't even notice that part). By adding an extra tackle, you have a better chance of getting a better block (obviously)

Third, you remove the QB from the play. This is also key, when a QB hands off the ball to the RB he is removed from the play since he cannot block for the runner, its a total waste of a player, that is why you add a tackle in place of him, so no potential blocker is wasted

You have a RB that can throw (Mike Vick). But this really doesn't serve the purpose of throwing down field. Rather his potential to throw is more of a decoy of a double pass threat. When Vick is lined up under center, and they see Kolb as WR, Defense thinks Double Pass, Safety backs off the line as a result. Even though they see the extra tackle, If the safety steps up, You can bet your pants, it would be a double pass. But if the safety stays back, its a run. 99% of times, the safety stays back (he has too, he is dictated this action by the formation). Again, you goal of making the safety stay back is accomplished by having someone who can pass as a RB, and QB as a WR. This results in you having the advantage on the line.

Your MAIN goal is not to break a huge play. Rather the purpose of the wildcat is the dictate the safeties play, and add an extra blocker. The combination of these two eliments gives the offense an obvious advantage in RUNNING THE BALL. That is the purpose. This play is designed to RUN!!!!! The misconception is many think the Wildcat is meant for big plays. Not really, its designed to pick up an easy 5 yards on the ground. That is why we use it a TON on 3rd down. Just go back and look at the number of first downs we get off of it. And think about how bad we were a few years back in getting first downs and how that has changed. The wild cat is a play designed to give the offense the advantage in getting first downs, nothing more.

Now, when a QB gives the ball to the RB, does that RUIN HIS RYTHM? Obviously no! That is why Andy isn't shy in using this formation, and he doesn't feel like it ruins the QB rhythm. It’s nothing more than a modern running formation that gives the O many advantages. Its successful in what its designed for. Only people who don't understand football dislike this formation. That is why we will keep using it, and why other teams are starting to use it as well. It works! It picks up first downs. But it really is only a glorified running play, nothing more. That misconception really needs to stop.



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