BGN Roster: The Backers

Laws and Dixon were voted to back up Pat and Bunk, while Teo got a slight victory over Juqua Parker. The roster now stands at 16 spots remaining.  

Last year the Eagles had a carousel at all the backers. The Eagles had 6 different starting mike backers. We loose our emerging star Steward Bradley during flight night 09. Our most capable mike backer didn't last long as Omar Gaither went down in the first half of the season. Form there, the Eagles tried a variety of things; from trading for current Titans LB Will Witherspoon to reviving the Ax Man. Our weakness with our backers hurt the Eagles dearly; the backers were horrible at coverage, especially against TE's . Weak offenses like the Bucs and Raiders would kill us with Kellen Winslow or Zach Miller (pic below).



The outside was at flux as well. Will Witherspoon, played some will backer, pushing starter Akeem Jordan around in the team. 7th round pick Mosie Foku stole Chris Gocong's job at the end of the year. The rookie drew many needless penalties.

Now we have some relief in 2010. Eagles have the stud Steward Bradley looking 100%, Eagles traded for former first rounder Ernie Sims, who has played average. And a serious battle between Mosie Foku and Akeem Jordan for the sam position will only make this crew better. However, the current depth is suspect. Omar Gaither was our best MLB last year and that his experienceand decent play will keep him on the roster. There is only two more spots with three guys left...

Keenan Clayton

4th round pick (121st overall) - Clayton has been a polarizing rookie this year.  With an overload of linebackers vying for limited roster spots, some see him as a player that's very much on the bubble - I wonder what exactly those folks have been watching.  All throughout camp, he was around the football, and that trend continued in the preseason games, as he had a really athletic sack in the Jags game, and a nice read/interception in the Bengalsgame.  Clayton is a dynamic, fast player that has already shown he can be a playmaker.


Jamar Chaney

He hasn't been impressive in camp nor pre-season. He is either getting blown back on run plays or getting penalties on special teams. The Jets game this week will definitely be a make or break.

Tracy White

The Eagles brought him back later this off-season. White saw limited time on the defense, but was one of the better players on the Eagles poor special teams. He racked up 29 total tackles and a pick in 16 games that he didn't start.

The vote will be against Chaney and White. Clayton's impressive play will earn him a spot.

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