What your jersey says about you

This is obviously going to be 100% based on my opinion, so you may not agree with this. You may also fall into a side category where doning a particular jersey does not in fact put you in the stereotype category listed below. But when I see fans wearing the following jersey's this is what comes to mind.

Let's go in numerical order. I

#2 David Akers - If you're a chick, I'm cool with this one, but if you're a dude I question your orientation. Not that I'm judging you on that... but I do question it. David Akers has been a great Eagle. But I'm not wearing his jersey


#4 Kevin Kolb - I'm actually a fan of this one. It says that you bought in, and you bought in early. A kelly green Kolb is also cool in my opinion because it will always be the first jersey he wore as the starter (officially). Even if he did play horrendous and leave with a concussion.


#5 Donovan McNabb - I don't really like to see this one at the Linc right now. It says you're either too cheap to buy a new jersey or that you're in dissention with the FO and still wish he was here.

#7 Mike Vick - Everyone I know that has this jersey is more of a Vick fan than an Eagles fan

#9 Jim McMahon  - I always wonder where people get these...

#10 Desean Jackson - Hard to argue with this. But EVERYBODY seems to have this one. You tend to follow popular trends.

#12 Randall Cunningham - Always a safe bet. If the jersey is actually old enough to be from that era it's even cooler. Michell and Ness... I really hate Michell and Ness crap.

#12 Personalized with "Fan" or "Fan's" on the back. This is THE ONLY personalized jersey that I can tolerate.

#14 Riley Cooper - Saw one of these on Sunday. I'm impressed, but if its sewn on I'm betting on a $40 internet fake

#20 Brian Dawkins - ALWAYS a classic. period.

#27 Quentin Mickell - Why doesn't anyone have this one? It's hard to find, but it is out there. Great jersey

#29 LeSean McCoy - You bought this one on clearance somewhere... Atleast I know I did

#30 Charlie Garner - Classic

#34 Kevin Turner - If you own this jersey you are most likely a diehard fan. I do not miss the days of Kevin Turner's jersey being the Eagles highest seller.

#36 Brian Westbrook - This is currently in the McNabb category for me, but it will be completely kosher soon enough

#60 Chuck Bednarik - I like these, but they're a lot cooler if A) you're old enough to remember him playing, and B) if there is no name on the back.

#69 John Runyan (or even worse personalized) - 9 chances out of 10, you're a douche bag

#71 Jason Peters - 9 chances out of 10, you're a douche bag

#80 Irving Fryer - Classic...same as Kevin Turner. To buy a jersey in that era, you had to be a real fan. Well done.

#81 TO - Ok, I might get shot for this, but as much as this used to be the worst thing ever, I dont think we're all that far from it being potentially acceptable again. Somewhere down the road I do suspect that the nostalgia of the 2004 SB run, will cover over the sins that followed. Just a hunch

#86 Fred Barnett - I'm currently scowering ebay for one of these.

#92 - Obvious Classic. I have one of these that is screen printed and looks like it was bought yesterday... but the musty smell assures that it's about 20 years old.


Also - I am not a fan of personalized jersey's. They just look stupid. Even if it's a gift, it probably shouldnt be worn. Also, I really hate those blue and yellow throwbacks from 2007. They were cool for that game, or even that season but let's just face it...they're UGLY!

I'm sure I'm not the only one with opinions about this. Fill in your thoughts.


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