A BGN 53-Man Roster

 It's that time again. With the first pre-season game coming up (not for the Eagles of course), the fanposts page begin to overflow with members predictions of who will and won't make the roster. I was think of doing the same thing, until the idea occurred. A series of posts with membersvoting for players that are debatable to make the roster. That way there won't be so many posts about the same thing (probably not going to happen). We will start with offense.



Really not a debate. Kolb, Vick, and Kafka will all make the 53 man roster. So 50 spots left.


Lesean McCoy will start for the Eagles. Last year he shared the backfield with Westbrook, and stepped in for him while 36 began battling concussions. The young runner carried the ball 155 times for 637 yards, averaging 4.1 yards a carry, and stocked up 4 touchdowns. Hopefully, the switch to number 25 won't curse him.

The obvious second back is free-agent Mike Bell, signed from the saints as a RFA. Luckily, we didn't have to sacrifice picks for Bell. Bell was one of the three backs the Saints used, and was very unique compared to Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas with his physical running style. With the Saints, he carried the ball 172 times for 654 yards and five touchdowns. Can't wait too see him share with one back instead of two.

The Eagles will most likely carry only three running backs with them. And with four more backs left, its an hot topic who will win the last spot.


Charles Scott


The Eagles selected the LSU runnerlate in the 2010 draft. With the exception of Mike Bell, he is the only big and physical running back we have. Weaver is a great runner, but he has to block as a fullback most of the time. The 6'1'' 234 pound back racked up 554 yards and 4 TD's with the Tigers his senior season. Most of us think he will win the third and final spot behind Bell. But nothing is guaranteed.

JJ Arrington


The late addition of Arrington came as the Broncos agreed to trade him for a 6th round pick and MLB Joe Mays. While most weren't very ecstatic of the trade, my hype of Joe Mays completely disappeared as he blew on the field. Arrington hadhis best season with the Cardinals in 2005 as he carried 112 times for 370 yards. Those numbers are far from impressive, but he is known for being a special teams ace. I doubt he makes the team. McCoy has 20 yards less last season than Arrington in his career.

Eldra Buckley


The runner made the roster after an impressive camp and pre-season, as he mopped the floor with former Eagle Lorenzo Booker. He saw minimal action, with 44 yards and a touchdown. Now, he is again fighting for his spot,. I hope we can practice squad him, but I'm not sure if he is eligible.

Martell Mallett


The BC Lion was CFL's most outstanding rookie of the year with 1240 rushing yards, 342 reception yards, and 6 rushing TD's. He also set a Lion record with 213 rushing yards in a game. He was waived by the Eagles, but brought back and waived instead FB Wright.  Aside from his blocking, he is the perfect back for the Eagles, catching screens or running outside. I think he can pull a Eldra Buckley and upset everyone.

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