Eagles Should Be Sad To See Brett Favre Retire

The yearly "will he or won't he?" with Brett Favre retiring has begun once again.The smart money probably is on him playing again as always... but eventually this retirement thing will stick and we'll have seen the last of Brett Favre.

But that should be a sad thing for Eagles fans because Brett Favre has been pretty bad against the Eagles over his career. Over the years, Favre has given us Eagles fans so much to cheer about. Mostly interceptions. Check out some of these stats...

  • Brett Favre has thrown more interceptions(20) against the Eagles than any team not in the NFC North/Old NFC Central(where he played for 17 years).
  • His career QB rating against the Eagles is 62.2, which his worst against any team in the NFL.
  • His career completion percentage against the Eagles is the second worst against any team.
  • He threw 8 more picks than he did TDs against the Eagles, which is by far his worst TD to INT ratio against any team.
  • His 211 yards per game average against the Eagles is the worst among teams he's played at least 6 games against.
  • His career record against the Eagles is 5-7 and he's been sacked 28 times in those 12 games. 

To sum up, the Eagles have owned Favre throughout his career and he's been responsible for some great Eagles moments. The famous of those moments was the 03/05 NFC divisional playoff game. We better know it as the "4th & 26" game.

Eagles QB Donovan McNabb has just amazingly converted a 4th and 26 to send the game into overtime. What can Favre do to match that brilliant clutch play? On Green Bay’s first offensive play of overtime, Favre floats a duck over the middle of the field. Eagles safety Brian Dawkins, who looks as if he is waiting to return a punt, patiently waits for the ball to land right into his hands. Dawkins then returns the ball to the Packers 34 yard line, where kicker David Akers is able to nail the game-winning field goal to send Philadelphia to the NFC title game.

After the game, Jim Johnson reflected on why his defense was always so good against Favre.

"It's a combination of coverage and pressure with him," Johnson said. "We've been able, at times, to get some pressure on him. That's the key. We've come up with some big plays against him. Sometimes you guess a little bit, and we've been right. Brett was trying to make a play downfield to help win the game," Johnson recalled fondly. "We happened to have the right blitz on and pressured him and (Brian) Dawkins came up with the big interception."

If he does retire, let's also not forget that Brett did us one last favor before he called it quits. One week after the Cowboys had dominated us for the 2nd straight week and their fans had reached a nearly insufferable level of gloating ... Favre shut them up with a 34-3 beating to end their season.

So if "this is it" Brett, thanks for the memories!

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