Nothing to worry about Kolb nor Celek

Pre season is never a good indicator of how your team is going to do.


When Bradley took over the starting position, that year, the LBs looked shaky as hell in preseason. It was a huge concern and then come regular season our LB corp had a tremendous year. The cause? Probably the vanilla play calling. I remember when Sean Taylor was a rookie they told him to do some things wrong in preseason to show what would happen making a critical mistake( I believe  a TD resulted).

In the Jags game I literally saw 2 maybe 3 different formations being ran from end zone to end zone. No red zone packages, nothing. So, how can you judge an offense that isn't playing any type of scheme.. They probably didnt even watch film and why would they.

Which got me thinking... We already know what Celek can bring to the table.. Why would we make him go all out in PRE SEASON? Celek was probably going 70% most of the plays -- if that. Does anyone think a 25 year old in his prime is just going to go from a 1k yard WR to a bum? I don't think so.

And Kolb will be fine. The two games he started is a much better indicator of how is going to play over pre season. Hell, we didn't even give Weaver any touches, he will definitely be a part of this offense. i don't know how many different types of packages we ran THursday but I assure you it wasn't many.

Did the Eagles even deploy any protection schemes Fri? It looked like KC was running quite a few blitzes and stunts.


Either way, we'll be OK. The only way you can do bad in pre season is if you have an injury. It is not and never will be a good indicator


to quote Bill Billichick


"I think every coach feels like that. I can't imagine that you wouldn't. Regular season and preseason are two different things. Teams start game planning against you. Then you find out a little bit more about where you're really at on some things. Preseason, you're running your plays. They're running their plays. Sometimes they match up. Sometimes they don't. You're playing a lot of people. There are a lot of different matchups.

"It's hard to get a read on it. Once you get to the regular season, nobody holds back. You get their best game plan. You get your toughest matchups. You try to create [tough matchups] for them. Your weaknesses get exposed. You try to get to your strengths, but they don't let you get to them as easily. And you're doing the same.

"It's a whole different game. Until that happens, I don't think you are really sure where exactly everything is. It's different in the regular season."

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