The Linc - Looking Back At McNabb & Ahead To Kolb

Bob Ford: McNabb plays blame game best | Philadelphia Inquirer | 08/25/2010
Bob Ford absolutely skewers Donovan McNabb for his interview in GQ. He's pretty convincing doing so.

John Smallwood: Time to move on, McNabb, you're a Redskin now | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/25/2010
I've always said that he doesn't get nearly as much credit for what he accomplished while quarterback of the Eagles. But I could never adequately defend him against charges that he was an oversensitive whiner who refused to take responsibility the way great quarterbacks are expected to.

Breakout players: Which NFL stars will emerge this season? -
Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Kevin Kolb elicits the image of Simba, the cub from The Lion King, suddenly thrust to the head of the pride after the unexpected departure of longtime leader Donovan McNabb. And with plenty of hungry hyenas lurking in the NFC East — McNabb, now a hyena in Washington Redskins clothing and still among them — Kolb will have little time to adjust to his new role on the league's hotly contested 100-yard plains, and he knows it.

Kevin Kolb of Philadelphia Eagles has potential to be fantasy football star quarterback - Fantasy Football - ESPN
Jim McCormick looks at the fantasy potential of Kevin Kolb, who's going into his first full season as the Eagles' starting quarterback.

More good stuff on offensive line continuity & checking in with Marlin Jackson after the jump

Scouts Inc.: Offensive line continuity - NFC East Blog - ESPN
How big of a deal is it for the offensive line to play together during the preseason?

Eagles Notebook: Injured Jackson diligently continues rehab for Achilles' injury | Philadelphia Daily News | 08/25/2010
Marlin Jackson was smiling yesterday, a vivid contrast from the previous time reporters covering the Eagles had seen him, June 10 at the NovaCare indoor practice facility.

Around the NFC East

Dallas Cowboys 53-man Roster Prediction - Blogging The Boys
A prediction of what the 53-man roster will look like as the Dallas Cowboys enter week one of the 2010 NFLseason.

The Folsom Point: Out of His League - Hogs Haven
Albert Haynesworth is a slackadaisical bumbler who has failed all four tests administered to him since the new regime came to Ashburn

Information Explosion Is Not Always A Good Thing - Big Blue View
All the bad news surrounding the Giants is no big deal according to BBV.

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