My Fantasy Rankings

These are my rankings for a standard non ppr league. Tell me what you think.



1. Aaron Rodgers- tops the charts for the second year in a row. Imagine what he can do with some blocking...    

2. Drew Brees- Another Year Near The Top

3. Tom Brady- Randy Moss is looking great. Edelman and Welker are healthy. Nice passing attack in NE in '10.

4. Peyton Manning-Mr. Consistency

5. Matt Schaub- leads a solid offense down in Texas. Foster will step up in the backfield and Schaub has weapons.

6. Philip Rivers- had a great year last year. Don't expect those same numbers (less in '10 w/o VJax)

7. Tony Romo- had a very good fantasy year. Will have another good fantasy year (but he still sucks and is a homo)

8. Kevin Kolb- our boy. He is ready to play. Hopefully the o-line will decide to block in the reg season.

9. Brett Favre- Grandpa Favre is back for another year. Expect his #'s to drop but still be starter quality.

10. Eli Manning- a good fantasy options with his young and sure handed wideouts.

11. Joe Flacco- has the weapons to be a fantasy star. Too bad the Ravens are in love with the run.

12. Jay Cutler- accuracy concerns are worrisome. If Forte comes back to form Cutler could have a solid year.

13. Matt Ryan- Has the weapons just needs to connect the pieces to the puzzle. 

14. Donovan McNabb- Can't stand him but he has talent and if Campbell can have a good year there, so can D-Mac

15. Kyle Orton- is having himself a great offseason and is poised to have a surprise year.



1. Adrian Peterson- All Day. That is all.

2. Chris Johnson- was too active last year as a workhorse to have a repeat year. Still a monster.

3. Ray Rice- he can run and catch with ease. He beats MJD in my rankings by a hair.

4. Maurice Jones-Drew- a back you just love to have on your team. Offense is a little too iffy for me to rank him @ 3.

5. Frank Gore- if he stays healthy he could be a top 3 back. He just needs to stay on the field to be successful.

6. Michael Turner- Will do somewhere between what he did last year and what he did 2 years ago. 

7. Ryan Mathews- Is going to step up big and have a great year for the Chargers. 

8. Beanie Wells- I'm expecting a breakout year from the Buckeye Bruiser.

9. Shonne Greene- The Jets like to run. And Greene runs well and is a horse. Simple as that. 

10. Steven Jackson- Most talented back in the NFL. Needs a passing game in STL to put up the #'s he deserves.

11. Deangelo Williams-In a committee so what? He gets the ball and does great things with it.

12. Ryan Grant- Mr. Consistency. Never a bad choice to draft Grant in the 2nd Round.

13. Jamaal Charles- If he can ward off Thomas Jones he can have a great year.

14. Jonathan Stewart- 2 backs on the same team in the top 14. Yes, they are that good.

15. Pierre Thomas- explosive offense + explosive players = explosive numbers



1. Randy Moss- is in the shape of his life and ready to have an outstanding year.

2. Andre Johnson- is set for another great year. 

3. Calvin Johnson- Megatron will finally break out this year.

4. Reggie Wayne- Mr. Consistency

5. Larry Fitzgerald- he is not nearly as good with Leinart under center. Check the stats...

6. Roddy White- could have a better year than Fitz....

7. Greg Jennings- another guy that could break the top 5. Jennings' getting the ball, just he needs it in the endzone.

8. Miles Austin- I don't like him so I'm not saying anything.

9. Brandon Marshall- possession guy. as long as he possesses the ball in the endzone it's all good.

10. Steve Smith (Panthers)- should have a good year with Moore at QB. No more Delhomme!

11. Desean Jackson- I'm expecting a drop in numbers (this is a good thing, other weapons have arrived)

12. Dwayne Bowe- I'm expecting a great year with a lot of touchdowns. 

13. Hakeem Nicks-he's a Giant, but I love this kid.He is tough as nails and his hands are as soft as something soft.

14. Marques Colston- The last talented Hofstra product possibly ever. The man catches balls in the EZ.

15. Michael Crabtree- takes another step towards stardom (doesn't make it all the way up the stairs just yet)



1. Dallas Clark- consistency every year.

2. Antonio Gates- talented man. Should put up amazing numbers.

3. Vernon Davis- won't put up numbers like last years but he isn't going to bore you.

4. Jermichael Finley- big year from this guy.

5. Chris Cooley- Shanahan could really turn Cooley back into gold in the fantasy world.

6. Brent Celek- drops in my rankings because of the o-lines struggles forcing him to stay in.

7. Jason Witten- talented guy 

8. Tony Gonzalez- Old Man has the skills to pay the bills.

9. Owen Daniels- Expect a great year. Could end up as the top TE this year. 

10. Kellen Winslow- Receiving TE. Who's throwing it???

11. Visanthe Shiancoe-Quality backup. Average starter.

12. John Carlson-another good backup who should have numbers consistent with last years.

13. Dustin Keller-Good pass catcher...too bad Sanchez is awful.

14. Zach Miller- Jason Campbell could fall in love with this guy.

15. Fred Davis- The second Skin TE on this list. I like this former Trojan as a sleeper.



1. Philadelphia Eagles- we have a new ball-hawking safety!

2. Green Bay Packers- undervalued defense. lots and lots of veteran talent.

3. Dallas Cowboys- Jerry Jones has a good defense. 

4. Cincinnati Bengals- Bengals D is set for another great year. 

5. New York Jets- No Revis, not too big of a deal in the fantasy world. Jets still make the top 5. 

6. Baltimore Ravens- Injuries could ruin there season.

7. Minnesota Vikings- Hard to do anything against a great defensive line like that of the Vikings.

8. San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Willis will take you there.

9. Denver Broncos- Dawkins and Champ Bailey are set this defense again for another solid year.

10. New Orleans Saints- They have a bullseye on their back. So what, just tackle the guy in front of you.

11. Cleveland Browns-Eric Wright is a monster. I'm looking for this defense to improve.

12. New England Patriots- Eh, good backup defense.

13. San Diego Chargers- Could have a great year, could have a terrible year. Feeling lucky?

14. Houston Texans- Consistent defense. Good for spot starts when playing mediocre or worse offenses.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers- Could return to top 10 rankings this year. COULD

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