Being Positive: Things Andy Reid Can Do to Improve the Eagles

Put Paul Castillo on notice. He's not getting the job done. No improvement from this time last year.  It's actually scary how similar the line is to last year: We have a bunch of backups playing, an Andrews is undeperforming, and we have a backup tackle who we are sure is worthless (Ths year it's DungFlop).   

They should flush a good part of the O-line and start over.  Pick up some aging vets on August 31 and September 4 when the  rosters go to 80 to 75 and then from 75 to 53. I've been waiting for Queen Doneflop to play up to his size for two years - but unlike Justice, he has never shown any real promise. Time to let hm go. Develop what you can and mercilessly replace what you can't.  Too many of these guys suck. And WTF is wrong with Todd Herremans, for real?  He is needed out there, now. Not because these games matter, but because the line has to gel. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR.

Stop trying to turn Vick into a pocket QB - I said this last week. He is proving why the McNabb worm-burner was actually a good tactic. As long as there is no pocket, let him run his ass off.  Vick is a wildcat asset that can pass -  sometimes.  Use his legs. It's not like we expect him to stick around next year, so if he gets creamed, WTF cares? 

Teach LeSean how to do the "Brian Westbrook Bounce". I rarely saw Brian or Buckhalter hesitate, even when there was no hole. He would just run into the back of the Guard or Center, allow himself to get lost from sight for a second, and then roll right or left - popping out where the best available gap looked to be.  Again and again they turned blown plays into big gains that way. LeSean sees nothing and dances, waiting about three yards back which allows Linebackers and Safeties to move into him.

Be what we are:  I thought West Coast offenses were all about quick dump passes.  Except for Andy's West Coast.  Is this really a West Coast offense, at all?  This is a Cheesesteak offense:  West Coast talent with an old-school pocket mentality. Andy seems to have turned Kolb into McNabb in just one offseason with the long deep looks before throwing.  Where are the quick pops to the right and left?  Even without an O-line he should be peppering them out all day long. Better get quick Kevin, or they are going to mangle your ass.  And while I love thought of Texans getting creamed, KK is OUR Texan.  Andy can protect him best this way..

It's not like Andy can't figure out who the majority of the special teams players are going to be this year.  Stop giving the zombie-walking-dead guys - the guys he's gonna cut anyway - any more reps.   Special Teams needs  a lot of practice and a lot of coaching by Bobby April right now.  What's with the gunners?  It doesn't matter if you are fast if you run the wrong direction. Which reminds me, we should try out Sav and Akers as backup Mikes. They tackle better than anyone else on special teams right now (especially Sav - but remember Akers' Judo throw tackles last year?).

Finally, Andy should reverse Max J-G's laproscopic surgery and take it on himself. I've never seen Max play so bad. He was better when his leg was broken.  He's lost enough weight now it's Andy's turn. Max needs the energy and how many fat coaches have you seen win the Lombardi? Stuff's gotta change or dreams of a winning season are nothing but optimism.

Always positive,


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