Joselio Hanson for Willis McGahee...

          I can't be the ONLY one who thinks Jose Hanson needs to get packing. He's a 5'9 185 Nickleback... and that's it. He was burned twice trying to prove himself as a starting caliber player. Quite frankly, ever since our very own Joselio stopped doping, his play has dropped off significantly. 

          I don't think it would be a bad idea to trade him over to the Ravens for Willis McGahee. The former Pro-Bowler can be an obvious help in short yardage situations (12 TD's from the Miami product last season)


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    The Raven's are in desperate need of a [functional] cornerback. Looking at their roster they only have 3 corners who can cover the below average receiver (on a good day). Laurdarius Webb, Chris Carr, and Fabian Washington. Only Webb was drafted by the Ravens, and the other two had been cut (both from the Raiders no less). Behind that group of three is Marcus Paschal (Remember him? Yes... He was cut by us three years ago), Travis Fisher and a bunch of No-Names. Hanson could easily compete with them, and win a job for that matter. Lastly Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh knows what Hanson is capable of, and how to use him, from the time the two spent here with the Eagles.

          Meanwhile, Willis McGahee has been clearly on the trading block for quite some time. Don't be surprised if another team offered them a working corner for McGahee's services. He's proved consistently that he has a nose for the end-zone. While durability may be a cause for concern, having him and Mike Bell splitting the backup carries would only lessen their chances of injury.

         Also with Hanson out of the picture, there would be room for an excellent looking group of Asante Samuel, Ellis Hobbs, Macho Harris, Trevard Lindley, and Dimitri Patterson. Thus allowing Harris, Lindley, and Patterson to develop in Scott McDermott's defense. Lindley is already looking like he could start two years from now (same goes for Patterson, and possibly Harris in the slot role that currently belongs to Hanson).

          In the long run, Hanson is just holding everyone else back, and it would be nice to see a backfield of LeSean McCoy, Willis McGahee, Mike Bell, and either Eldra Buckley or Martel Mallet. (Don't forget we'll be getting a 6th rounder for cutting J.J. Arrington!)



Throw in the 6th rd pick that comes from the J.J. Arrington / Joe Mays deal. Seems like a pretty equal trade. Remember, the Ravens are loaded at RB with Jalen Parmele showing up as thier number 2 and FB Le'Ron McClain as a very cabale runner (their leading rusher 2 years ago). They are looking to deal an RB or LB.



I'm MatKid92, new to the site, but have been a reader for a while... so hey

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