Uda's Rankings

Alright guys, these are power rankings that I did as a sort of sub wager to the bet I made a few weeks back.  Its a fairly premature power rankings.  It was before the preseaon games that I had wrote this, but I didnt want to publish two different fanshots on here.   But the more I thought about it the more I thought.  I could do this weekly on BGN (If it is well received that is)  

But before I get into the Rankings I want to tell you a little interesting tid bit.  Every one knows about the popcorn stuff of the ceiling, bumpy stuff I think its called popcorn.  Well Im in the shower staring at the ceiling when I noticed that right there above me everyday the popcorn had fallen off in the shape of the Eagles logo.  

Rankings after the jump!


1. GreenBay Packers.  

The Pack is going to be a force to be reckoned with in the 2010 campaign.  Aaron Rodges has quickly filled the shoes left by Farve, in fact you could argue that he grew out of those shoes and replaced them with a larger set.  He has two capable Wideouts in Jennings and Driver.   Ryan Grant will be able to keep them from becoming a lopsided offense, thus keeping defenses from loading to heavy against the pass.     


2. New Orleans Saints.  

As the reigning champs its hard to push the Saints too far down the rankings.  However history has not been kind to Superbowl champs over the last decade.   All reports say that Brees and co.  still have a hunger.  We will see if that is true.


3. Indianapolis Colts

They have Peyton.  Peyton could very well be the best regular season QB.  Not to mention that they have an outstanding set of WRs with just their top 4 amassing an astounding 3811 yards.  Now add in the rest of their receivers and tally Peyton down for another great year.   Also reports are saying they will start to Blitz Sanders.  If he can stay healthy for a complete season, something he has yet to accomplish, he could accomplish a lot rushing the QB.


4.  Baltimore Ravens.

The Baltimore Ravens have always won through their defense.  Things started to change with the arrival of Joe Flacco.  This year the upped the ante and aquired Boldin.  Will Boldin be the offenses Ray Lewis.  I think so I expect big things of the Ravens this year. 


5. Dallas Cowboys.

Ugh! I wish they werent so damn loaded with talent.  This team has great players at every position.  Depth at most positions.  However, the one place they dont could be the most critical.  The OL, will they have another freakishly healthy year? They had better hope so.


6.  San Diego Chargers.

Phillip Rivers is a great QB in an even better  situation.  He has one of the best TEs in the league.  He has to monster WR to hurl the ball at.  He has a great running attack behind him, and their defense is solid.  I dont see much reason to have them lower at this point


7.  San Francisco 49ers.

This is my first "Surprise" ranking.  Alex Smith seems to be developing well.  Crabtree is, in my opinion, going to be one of the better WR in the league in a few short years.  Vernon Davis is a fantastic TE, who seems to be developing quite the connection with Smith.   Frank Gore is a good back, their newly aquired Bwest should be able to be a great change of pace back.  Singletary seems to be building him a good team.


8. Minnesota Vikings.

Wait no lets put them lets stay here.....actually............Yes we are staying here.   This team should be able to build of last years success.  However the biggest obstacle for this team seems to be the trend of Farve to follow a good season by a meeehhhh season.  After putting up the best statistical year of his career does that mean that we are in store for his worst this year??


9.  Miami Dolphins.

Im predicting that the Dolphins will jump the Jets and the Pats to take control of their division.  Chalk this one up to feeling in my gut.


10. Cincinnati Bengals.

Tochocinco.......Comical, Egotistical, insanely talented, and scary.  With those two  out catching balls I find it hard to believe that Carson wont have a "return to form" so to speak.  Can their defense continue to shut people down?  I would say yes.  They are a team that surprised last year, aquired talent in the offseason, they should be oozing confidence.


11.  New York Jets.

Even if I dislike the team I cant push them down to far.  They will make the playoffs.  Biggest obstacle here is the obvious, Revis is on Holdout Island.


12.  Carolina Panthers.

Yes. I have the Panthers in the top twelve, making them a playoff team.  They have the best one-two running attack in the league, the OG Steve Smith, and a QB who shows potential.  Steve Smith and Matt Moore have already made a connection.  Biggest concern on this team is how to replace the force that was Julius Peppers.


13. New England Patriots.

Tom Brady might be the most irritating S.O.B. in football but the man does have talent.  And to make up for any decline he has Randy and Wes more than willing to bail him out.  


14.  Philadelphia Eagles.

Kevin Kolb is going to have some growing pains.  However, he has such a great supporting cast to grow into.  DL looks exciting, Strong LB corps, Competition in the secondary.........and then there is the OL........well Juan has some work to do.


15. New York Giants.

Big Blue should bounce back from their slump last year.  They hired a DC the defense believes in, added Rolle into the safety position.   Should be an interesting year in the BEAST.


16.  Houston Texans

Matt Schuab has to be one of the most under rated players in the game.  He put up 4 stacks last year but goes quietly undetected by the national media.  I dont see any change in the immediate future.


17.  Atlanta Falcons.

This team is recovering from injuries to its to stars, Matt Ryan and Michael Turner.  However I just think the Panthers and Saints both stomp on the Falcons this year thus pushing them out of playoff contention.


18.  Oakland Raiders!!

WHAT?!  Jason Campbell is there and should be able to help turn this team around.  DHB might actually end up catching more than 7 balls a season.  McFadden should be able to run more.  Black hole is going to be an exciting place this year.


19.  Tennessee Titans.

As a personal prediction I think CJ could hit 2500 yard this season, or at the very least repeat last years success IF, and this is a big IF. VY can give opposing defenses a little something to respect.  But obviously at 19 I dont have much confidence in this.


20.  Denver Broncos.  

Poor poor Bronco.  They had so much hope for this season.  But then Down goes DOOM, then down goes his back up, and then down goes Moreno. (he is on my fantasy team &%@#@%$)  This team will all be about how well they can shore up their weak spots.  Also Tebow will be a wasted pick and do next to nothing this year.


21. Arizona Cardinals

Poor Fitz, he has to try and still be elite with just little Matt Lienart.  I dont think he can do it.  MAYBE if Boldin was still there to keep teams away from the double coverage.   


22.  Chicago Bears.

Well with the addition of a now motivated Peppers, the defense is looking to once again be the obvious strong point in the windy city.  Do I think their offense can bring something to the table.......INTS.  I dont think Cutler will cut down enough on the INTs for it to keep the team afloat. 


23.  Detroit Lions.

They have talent in Detroit.  Draft picks Suh and Best should have an immediate impact.  Stafford should improve on last year and put up good numbers.  Megatron should have a good season and remind people how much of a gifted athlete he is.


24.  Jacksonville Jaguars.

Can Maurice Jones Drew Carry this team.  Yes, but he wont be carrying them far.  In the AFC south where two of the teams have phenomenal passing attacks I cant see the Jags getting to many division wins.   Which will be detrimental to any hopes for the season.


 25.  Kansas City Cheifs.

Matt Cassel doesn't have anything near what he had in New England, the offense needs to find a playmaker quick.  On the defensive side of the ball they need a tackler.  Miles Austin broke out huge because of the Cheifs lack of physical defense.  


26.  Pittsburgh Steelers.

The team was put in a terrible position by a terrible human being. (obvious bias is obvious)  Big Ben's suspension will be the biggest factor in this season.  Troy and the Defense is going to have to play their hearts out many times a game just to try and help the season be on track for Big Ben's return.


27.  Seattle Seahawks.

Seattle and Pete Carol.  Didnt Like Carrol at USC where he could actually coach.  His forst foray into the Pro game didnt end very well and I see no reason why this campaign with the 'Hawks will pan out any different. 


28.  Washington Redskins.

Ohhhhh Sweet they have McNabb.  That could potentially net them two more wins.  But It could also cost them that too.  Shanny knows his running game though, and could turn his three aging running backs into a quite potent offense.  Its all hinging on how quickly the OL can pick up the Zone BLocking schemes.  It seems the BEAST this year is coming down to which OL can gel the quickest.


29.Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Well they seem to have found their QB in Freeman.  But I dont think that just finding your QB is going to solve all your woes.  They are still the worst team in the NFC South.  I see no reason for them to win any more games than last year.  However! it could pull a carousel NFC South move where the gutter team wins it all.  In which case this prediction is shot straight to hell.


30. St Louis Rams.

I think Bradford is gonna be a star one day.  But its not going to happen this year.  Hell It might not even happen next year.  But I think it will.   So the question this year is, How much pressure can Steven Jackson take off Sam.  Id be willing to beat quite a bit.  But relieving pressure wont win games.


31. Buffalo Bills

Who is throwing the ball there.....who is catching it for that matter......does Buffalo have a team?!?!


31.  Cleveland Browns.

Delhomme.  Sheldon Brown.   Which was the better pick up?  Sheldon.   Which pick up will have the greatest effect on the team?  Delhomme.   Will this be a positive effect?  Hell no.   I almost feel bad for sending Sheldon here.  Puts a completely new look on "Being in the Doghouse"  Shouldnt have complained buddy haha.

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