Fantasy Mock Draft

Hello, my BGN brothers. It's been a while since I've made a FanPost on here, so I figured I'd break my silence today. Last year, I finished dead last in a 12 team fantasy football league, so I need all the help I can get to prepare for this year. A couple days ago, I had a mock draft. Let's take a look at how I fared after the jump. (There were 14 teams in
the mock)


Round 1, Pick 10: Aaron Rodgers, quarterback, GB. - I always try to take a QB first, and Drew Brees had already been taken (which is actually a good thing, because I think the Madden curse is bound to strike again). With Tom Brady and Peyton Manning both available, I took Rodgers because of the amount of weapons he has to throw to.


Round 2, Pick 5: DeSean Jackson, wide receiver, PHI. - This was the Eagles blood in me talking. Had to get DeSean while he was available. I took him in the second round last year, and he was easily the best player I had. (We won't get into my horrible fantasy decisions of 2009)


Round 3, Pick 10: Dallas Clark, tight end, IND. - This might be considered a reach by some, but no tight ends had been taken yet, so I went ahead and snagged the best one available. I also started a small trend with this pick; the next two selections were TEs.


Round 4, Pick 5: Thomas Jones, running back, KC. - Every friggin' year I pass up on Jones in fantasy because I feel his stats will severely fall off. Wasn't going to let that happen this time, and the running backs were really thinning out.


Round 5, Pick 10: Jerome Harrison, running back, CLE. - I was impressed with Harrison's performance in Cleveland last year, and again, the running backs were flying off the board. My two starters won't win many games in the NFL, but they'll put up good fantasy stats.


Round 6, Pick 5: Derrek Mason, wide receiver, BAL. - Johnny Knox, Malcom Floyd, and T.J. Whosyourmamma were all on the board, but I went with Mason because of his ability to still put up numbers at an old age. Now that I think about it, his numbers will probably fall off with Anquan Boldin in the fold.


Round 7, Pick 10: Kenny Britt, wide receiver, TEN. - At this point, I realized that Britt was the only receiver I drafted that didn't have a Week 8 bye (Jerome Harrison will be off, too). More on this later.


Round 8, Pick 5: Eagles defense. - With the Ravens, Steelers, Jets, and Niners all gone, I took the Eagles over the Giants and Saints because of the Eagles' ability to force turnovers and get sacks.


Round 9, Pick 10: Donovan McNabb, quarterback, WSH. - McNabb was my starter last year, with Ben Roethlisberger as my backup. Experience has taught me that McNabb may not be an elite fantasy QB, and now that he's with the Skins, that will probably be even more true. He could be used as trade bait for someone who needs a QB.


Round 10, Pick 5: Robbie Gould, kicker, CHI. - I wanted to take David Akers, but that would put me in an even bigger hole for Week 8. So Gould got the pick.


Round 11, Pick 10: Austin Collie, wide receiver, IND. - Come Week 8, I would desperately be in need of a replacement wideout. Figured a Colts receiver would be a good choice. (It was either him or Roy Williams)


Round 12, Pick 5: Donald Brown, running back, IND. - Joseph Addai is enterning the final year of his contract, so I figure Brown will be getting some more carries. At this point, I realized that I had drafted three Colts. Not a good idea to be so heavy on one team.


Round 13, Pick 10: Mario Manningham, wide receiver, NYG. - This was my dumbest pick. I took him over Devery Henderson of the Saints because Mario had better stats last year. Then I realized the Giants also have a Week 8 bye. However, Henderson went undrafted, so if this had been a real draft, I would've immediately dropped Mario and picked up Henderson after the draft ended.


Round 14, Pick 5: Jeremy Shockey, tight end, NO. - I needed a backup TE. Stop laughing.


Round 15, Pick 10: Bills defense. - Aside from 32 sacks, they also force a lot of turnovers. Last year, Asante Samuel had 9 picks. He was tied for first in the league with...Bills FS Jarius Byrd.


Thanks for reading this post all the way though...lemme know what you think.


Oh, and every year, I take a vow not to draft any Cowboys. Does anyone else do something like this?

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