Hungover offensive roster analysis/Why I Love DVR

Well I have to say, this is he first season that I have had DVR, if you don't have it from comcast, it is my crack!

Anyway, the funny part of my evening last night was that I swore I would be watching the young guys play into the 4th qtr, however, a few drinks, some poker, and all of a sudden I didn't get to see the 3rd stringers last night, but DVR saved me by letting me soak in some eagles this morning. AAAANYWAY lets get to the roster that I think the eagles will be moving forward with.


*QB* (2 Roster Spots - 1 emercency QB)

Kevin Kolb - Loved everything I saw last night, well except his tendency to lock in on one receiver (in the Red Zone in particular). He is our starter, lets move on to some more intriguing roster spots.

Mike Vick - He looked unstoppable against 2nd stringers, and then like a complete fool against 2nd stringers as well. I think this is what we can expect, high highs and low lows, it is Mike Vick after all, takes your breath away and in the next moment makes you so angry you breath fire.

Kafka - Played well, crisp passes on time, the recievers dropped some, but I think he calmed me a bit because he appears to play within his abilities. His arm isn't the strongest, but he doesn't try and overthrow his own distance, he keeps his passes crisp and about 15-20 yrds down the field, which he can do very well.

*FB* (1 roster spot - 1 practice squad)

Weaver - Roster spot locked UP! I love the weave, not gonna lie, and I think everyone knows having a weapon at FB is just silly sometimes because there is always a safety valve.

Charles Scott - I don't think he will make this squad, but as a practice squad player, it is a shame because I really liked the pick at the time, however with Weaver on the field he won't see any time. He did have a strong block on Mallett's TD, however it is a numbers game, and I think keeping another healthy RB on your practice squad is important, and his versatility makes him an ideal PS player.

*RB* (3 roster spots)

LeSean McCoy - YUP BGN fantasy players, you know you wish you drafted him, but I did, let the gloating start. He looked strong, efficient and confident last night. While some of his cuts were questionable (missed a few holes when running, and got stuck behind linemen a few times) but overall he will be a focal point of this team.

Martellus Mallett - He lookes like he can find those holes in the interior of the line, these skills are sometimes only visible in game time and not obvious during practice. The guy has a nose for open space and wriggling through the line, kind of reminds me of Tiki Barber. The HAMMER should make this squad.

Mike Bell - He didn't play, but they paid the man, so he will probably make the team.

*TE* (3 Roster Spots)

Brent Celek - C'MON MAN! CATCH THE BALL! He did seem to have a few drops, which was disconcerning, however it was just preseason, if he can wrangle in those balls during the real season our offense will be potent!

Ingram/Harbor - Please correct me if I am wrong, but I didn't see either of these guys make a play all night. I actually think they both make the team as TE is always a priority in a west coast offense.

*WR* (5 Roster spots)

DeSean Jackson - Did anyone give that Jaguar defender his shoes back after DeSean juked him out of them on the End Around?

Jeremy Maclin - People love this guy, and I think he showed why tonight, he is the total package, vertical speed, hands and good route running.

Avant - Hey, if the CB depth is so horrible, why not let Avant play CB? He saved an INT by playing defense in the redzone, Kolb has to be thankful for that.

Riley Cooper - Why did I point this guy out to my girlfriend? Sigh, sure he is dreamy, but he also has great range, good hands and seems to watch the ball into his hands. Give him a roster spot.

Chad Hall - Looked more than capable in the return game and seemed to be picking up playing WR. Also as a change of pace RB he could be effective, he did take a nice run outside for us, and caught a couple of passes.

*O Line* (9 roster spots)

Overall the line looked better than I thought, although they didn't play that long, and I would like to see more from them, I think a major concern of ours was put to rest last night.

Peters, Herremans, Cole, Andrews, and Justice all have roster spots locked down. McGlynn impressed me! I think we should stick with him at center, to just keep up some consistency and I think Cole would best fit this team as a Jack of all trades, emergency player as a guard most likely since I have questions about Herremans and Andrews.

Austin Howard looked like a man among boys, BEASTLY! I suppose we will also keep AQ Shipley because of injuries at Center, and the thin interior lineman depth. Probably keep King Dunlap and cut Max Jean Gilles.


Well, like I said, I am hung over, and I have kind of lost the fire to keep writing. I will do a defensive analysis later today if I am not napping or playing the new Madden. Also, if you don't want me to do a defensive analysis let me hear it. Peace out fellas catch you later, GO BIRDS!

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