BGN-Roster WR


The first voting came to a close and the rookie made it on the team. Here's how the roster is looking...

QB: Kevin Kolb, Michael Vick, Mike Kafka

RB: LeSean McCoy, Mike Bell, Charles Scott

FB: Leonard Weaver

WR: DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Jason Avant, Riley Cooper, ?

In the last decade, the Eagles had some issues with the wide receivers. From Fred-Ex to T.O and Alligator Arms to Reggie Brown. The Eagles had problems. Fortunately, the Eagles are starting the new decade fresh with arguably one of the best cores in the league. With DeSean Jackson's break-out year and Maclin's amazing rookie season, the Eagles have a lot to look forward to. With all the talent, the Eagles have to at least keep five of the players. Jason Avant is definitely returning with his new deal, and Riley Cooper is a shoe in with the praise and reps he's been getting during camp.  Here's your nominees.

Dobson Collins


The young receiver started his with the 49ers in 2009 as a undrafted rookie. After being let go, the rookie latched on with the Eagles early this training camp. He has had 143 catches for 1,754 yards and 17 TD's with Gardner-Webb college. However, he was a two time All-Big South punt returner and receiver, which could be useful if April decides to keep Jackson limited to just offense.

Chad Hall


The new Eagle was a early addition this off-season, coming from Air Force Academy. While the WR stands only at 5'8'', the kid has some impressive speed to go along with his decent hands. According to offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg, they plan to use Hall in a Westbrook like way. Latley however, Hall has not impressed and is low on the teams current depth chart.

Hank Baskett


Hank Baskett was in the same situation just last year. He is on a long list of talented receivers and is battling for his spot. He has been with the Eagles from 2006 to 2008, spending the 2009 season with the Colts. Baskett, like many other Eagle wide-outs, hasn't been very popular with the fan base (or the Colts for that matter). His best season was with the Eagles in 2008 as Baskett caught the ball 33 times for 440 yards and 3 TD's as a second stringer. Baskett has had a successful camp and a hot wife, which might help him win some votes.

Jordan Norwood


The Penn State favorite went undrafted 2009 and wound up on the Eagles practice squad last year. Norwood was not only popular, but productive as well at Penn State; on September 6, 2008 Norwood caught 8 catches for 116-yards against Oregon State, making him third place in Panther history in career receptions. Now he is fighting for a spot on this young and hopeful team.

Jared Perry


Maclin's teammate signed with the Eagles as a undrafted rookie. He and Washington, who would later make the 80-man team, were brought in for workouts several weeks ago to replace Kevin Jurovich, who was injured. In 27 starts, Perry racked up 137 receptions, 1,844 yards, and 13 touchdowns.

Kelley Washington


Along with Baskett, Washington is the only other veteran receiver. Kelly has been around the league, starting off with the Bengals in 2003. In 2007  He became a Patriot and a Raven in 2009. Over the years he has had 107 catches for 1,327 yards and 11 TD's. In New England, he became a special teams extraordinaire, which is a big reason why he more valuable than Baskett. 

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