My Morning Training Camp Report

While I may not have the press pass JimmyK has (I'm not jealous or anything) I have some thoughts on the first full team practice.


First thing I noticed is that the QBs all look good. Kolb is accurate and seems to have good timing with his receivers. And the long ball? Two deep balls to DeSean, including one for a TD and one a diving catch. He axtually has some wheels too as he took off running twice. However, he did throw and interception to Bradley in traffic. 

Vick looks much better than last year. The ball is where it needs to be and I didn't see many bad throws from him. He moves pretty well, but we'll see how that all translates to a game. And Kafka looks like a decent third string QB. He needs work, but he has potential. 

DeSean is his usually self, and I saw Maclin getting some instruction from a coach. But to me the story here is Riley Cooper. He is good. I like him a lot. Cooper has nice hands, catching everything thrown his way. He made some sweet sideline catches. Couple that with his size, he is going to be a nice redone target. (Though with his long flowing hair, the Fabio nicknames have already started). Given that he already is running with the twos, the coaches must like him as well. 

Baskett dropped some early passes in drills, but in the 11 on 11s he made some nice catches. I'm also impressed with hall. He may be small but he also catches everything. And he seems quick and may be able to make some moves to get some YAC. Oh and Avant remains the excellent third guy that people forget about (like me until now). 

My worry about the offensive line remains. The run offense didn't get many holes at all. It looked very sloppy. But two of the starters are out (and Peters was kneeling at one point.) It just might be early, but nonetheless it's worrisome. 


I only have a few notes here. Since I sat on the field where they ran the offensive drills, I didn't get much of a look at the defense. They did a good job at run stopping, though like I said above that might just be the offense. 

But Disco Stu looks like he is back. He still made some mistakes, but he looked healthy. He even broke up a run play in the backfield. The interception he made was perfect. A great read by Bradley and he would've taken a long way back.  Sims is a beast, and McDermott had it right, he is like a shark in the water. He was all over the place, and made some nice hits, including knocking down Shady after he dropped a ball. 

Graham will be good early. He beat Justice and would have killed Kolb if this was a real game. He's quick off the line and has some nice moves. I'm excited to see him play opposite Cole in live action. Allen started at safety and looked like he belonged there. He made a nice stop on breakaway run. I really want to see more if him. 

Other notes: 

There were two fights already just in the morning session. Cooper and Hobbs got into after a 7 on 7 passing drill. Hobbs ripped off Copper's helmut at one point. It didn't look like a big deal. Trent Cole also got into a scuffle and was at the bottom of a pile. I didn't seem much as it was off to the side on some defensive drills. But it went on for a long time. Guess it's that fire in him. 

Duuuuuuuce was there and he did look heavier. But not has heavy as Marty looked. I think he's trying to become a Reid mini-me. 

Weaver responded to the crowd a lot which I found awesome. 


I think that's it. I'm sure JimmyK will have some more info

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