A New Beginning...

The 2010 Season is upon us and WOW does it feel different.

I want to sum up a few thoughts that I have had over the past few weeks as I anxiously anticipate Football 2010.

  • I am finally ready to face the fact that McNabb is gone.  (Took me a bit.)  I am a conservative person by nature.  I dont like change, and McNabb had been the face of this franchise for so long, that the sentimental value of him on our team weighed heavily on me.  I'm 28 years old, so McNabb has been the face of my Eagles for most of my football years.  With that said...I'm also all about winning.  I am very competitive, and  I know that we did make a good move.  It definitetly made sense.   Hell I even cheered when we brought Baskett back.  I just like Eagles to stay Eagles.  Win, lose or draw (yes Donny, you can draw) I am now excited to get behind the new Eagles.  So Yea........I am ready for King Kolb.





  • Our 2010 Schedule is going to be brutal.  I do like a few things about it though.  The first being that we start our season at home.   I think that putting Kolb on the road his first game as the full time starter would just add a ton of pressure.  I think that works to our advantage.  The second "bright spot" is playing Indy the week after our Bye, and at home.  Indy also plays on a short week which is nice.  Could we really draw it up better when playing against a team as good as Indy?  And third....the final game of the home.  I like how the week 17 Matchup is becoming a tradition of Eagles vs Boys.  It's meant something the last 2 years, and the home team has won it both times.  I like having that game at home.
  • Has there ever been a year where you've been this excited AND nervous?  I cant think of a time I've felt the way I do now. NERVOUS:.  1.  We have a ton of youth and unknown.  That in itself is nerve racking...and exciting.   2.  The injury bug.  I just want to take a healthy team into this year.  I dont think we got a fair crack at things last year.  EXCITED:  Has there ever been a team as young AND as skilled? 


  • BGN Bowl 2?   July 30th was thrown around.   But it doesnt seem like that will turn into anything.  (Unless I've missed something.)   I may just put my party planning hat on and get this this moving.   I want to play again....and I want there to be A temperature.   0 just isnt comfortable.

  • Lastly....I am really looking forward to another year here on BGN.   I have learned a lot about the game, the Eagles, the NFL and the Philly fans because of this site.   As a resident of Maryland since I was 8 years old, I dont have the comfort that some of you enjoy of living in the midst of Eagles Country.  (I know more about the Ravens than I care to.)  So I thank you, BGN.   For giving me my Philly-Phaithful Oxygen that I need to continue my Eagles obsession. 


Sorry for the Hodgepodge of thoughts.  I've not been around as much to share these thoughts independantly!

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