Training Camp and what to look for

It's that time. For the last several months we have speculated time and again about what to expect from our beloved Eagles for this upcoming NFL season. Well the time to start answering those questions is upon us as training camp kicks off. We have discussed a lot about what to look for so I figure one more preview won't hurt anybody.  


QB- Kevin Kolb is the new starter. Will he be able to control a game's tempo? Will his perceived accuracy help us to sustain longer drives and keep our defense rested? Who will be his favorite receiver? There are many questions this young man needs to answer. Over the next six weeks, a clearer picture should form.

Mike Vick is our back up. Is he going to be satisfied in that role? Will his wildcat plays have a positive affect on the team's offense or will they be a hinderance to Kolb's effectiveness?

Mike Kafka is the third string. Does he have what it takes to be a game manager if thrust into active duty?

RB- LeSean is the man. Will his claims of a rigourous off season training program translate onto the field? Has he learned how to better secure the ball? Will he hit the hole with authority or does he still have that tenativeness we seen last year? Can he handle being the full time back?

Mike Bell is the back up. How many carries will he see? What will be his primary role?

Charles Scott or Eldra Buckley or Martell Mallet? Scott seems to be the favorite but seems and is are not one in the same. Buckley has the experience, Mallet has the nickname, does Scott have the goods to surpass both?

FB- Leonard Weaver is the face cleaver. How much can we expect to see from him in an offensive capacity?

WR- DeSean Jackson is number 1. Did we see him plateau last year or does he have another level he can reach? Will he be protected as Westbrook was or will we still let him return punts?

Jeremy Maclin is number 2. Can we expect a 2nd season like Jackson's? Will he surpass Jackson as a better overall receiver? His growth or not is a thing to pay particular attention too.

Jason Avant is the slot. Will he drop a ball this year? Does he have the ability to flourish even more with a more accurate passer?

Riley Cooper or Hank Baskett? Will one of these guys seperate themselves and claim the number 4 spot? Will they become a certifiable redzone threat?

Chad Hall is in limbo. Can he show enough to beat out either Cooper or Baskett and make the roster? Will he help us in the return game?

TE- Brent Celek is the number 1. Does he have the potential and the opportunity to become an even better TE? Will he excel in the redzone helping us to convert more TD chances? Will his relationship with Kevin kolb translate onto the field?

Cornelius Ingram is the 2nd. Is he healthy this year? Will his skills return to form sooner rather then later? How often will he be used? How much of an impact can he have in the redzone for us?

Martin Rucker or Clay Harbor? How will the winner be used?

OL- Will Nick Cole start as our center or do A.Q. Shipley and Mike McGlynn have what it takes to take the job? Is Stacy Andrew back and healthy? Will he be the starter on opening day? Can Winston Justice continue to perform well or was last year a fluke? Will Max Jean Gilles be able to show that the weight loss procedure was beneficial to his game or will it just make him a lighter version of crappy? Will King Dunlap perform at least like a prince or will he still be called queen?

DE- Trent Cole is our power. Will help on the other side make him even more dangerous? Brandon Graham, Darryl Tapp, or Juqua Parker? Graham is the first round pick but will he be used in more of a rotational role this year or can he take the starting job? Tapp is the guy we traded for. Was he brought in for running situations or to have the opportunity to be the starter? Parker is the veteran. Does he come out of training camp the starter or does his age make him cuttable? Or is this spot going to be a revolving door all year long? What role if any will Daniel Te'o and Ricky Sapp play?

DT- Bunkley and Patterson are our anchors. Will they be asked to pursue the QB more this year or continue to play the role of gap stuffers? How short of a leash does Trevor Laws have? Is Antonio Dixon number 3 after having seemed to take that role last year? Will Jeff Owens or Boo Robinson show enough to earn a roster spot?

SLB- Moises Fokou is the starter. Will he finally shore up a much maligned position flaw the last couple of years? Has he grown enough as a player to not commit stupid penalties? Who will be the primary back up? Does Omar Gaither if he returns healthy get the nod or does the undersized but effective Akeem Jordan earn that role? Is the back up a rookie? Does Jamar Chaney have the grit and power to man the position? Is it perhaps Alex Hall?

MLB- Stewart Bradley is our leader. Will he return to fulfill the promise we had for him last year or will his injury keep him a step behind? Is he fully recovered from the injury? Who is our primary back up? Has Joe Mays grown enough to earn that role or does Omar Gaither have first crack at it?

WLB- Ernie Sims is the new addition. Will he be able to show that playing on a crappy defense made him less of a big play threat or is he simply a tackling machine? How will he fare in covering TE's? Who is our back up? Is Jordan the man for this spot?  Is the rookie Clayton the man for the job?

CB- Asante Samuel is the LCB. Will he continue to draw the ire of the Phaithful for his poor tackling and indifference to it or will he show his injuries last year were the reasoning for avoiding contact? Who will man the RCB spot? Is it Ellis Hobbs or will his serious neck injury be too much to overcome? Is it Joselio Hanson or does he show that playing the outside position is not where he is effective? Is it Trevard Lindley or will being a rookie prove to be too much? Will Macho make a succesful transition to the CB spot or is his lack of speed leave him "better suited" to play the safety position?

FS- Nate Allen is thought to be the starter. How quickly can he get up to speed on the playbook? Will his rookie year be akin to Macho's or does his natural position of FS make it easier to succeed? Will he be able to hold off Quintin Demps? Does Demps show a renewed dedication to the game? Does he have the ability to beat out Allen? Does he make the roster?

SS- Quinitin Mikell is our veteran. Will he be able to show that being ovewrwhelmed with poor FS help was the cause for his decline in play? Kurt Coleman is slated for the back up position. Can he show that his size is just number's? Is Macho Harris a canidate?


As we can all see this is one of the most important training camps in recent Eagle's history. We are coming into it with a lot of questions and only hope for answers. I'm personally excited to see the outcome and feel like we will have some real positive results. How do you feel?

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