Eagles players and their superhero counterparts

In honor of Comic Con going on this week (yes, Im a comic nerd as much as I am a Eagles fan) , I got to thinking about about matching Eagles players to superheroes from both Marvel and DC.  This might seem stupid to some, and if so, just skip on by.   I figured, its still less than a week till training camp, so what other news is there to write about.  So read after the jump to see who I have matched up...

Kevin Kolb - Batman

Kolb-eagles_medium Batman330091_medium

The reasoning behind this one is because much like Batman, we haven't seen enough of Kevin to be sure he's the real deal.  Much like Batman hides and pops out, never giving a full glimpse of himself, at least early on in the comics.  But so far what we have seen (and heard) about the guy, most of us are chomping at the bit to see him in real action as this teams starting QB.


Brent Celek - Superman

Brent-celek-photo_medium Superman-overlooking-metropolis_medium

Brent is like "Big Blue" because he is one of those dependable guys who you definitely want on your team.  When Celek isn't playing football, he comes off as a down-to-earth kinda guy who wouldn't mind just grabbing a beer and hanging with his friends.  

Desean Jackson - The Flash



I dont think we really need a explanation for this one and if you do, watch this vid

Asante Samuel - Deadpool



Ok for those of you who don't know much about Deadpool, he's one of the most popular Marvel characters out there, but you can never tell what side he is on.  The reason Im comparing him to Asante is, much like Deadpool, he can be a good guy or a bad guy.  When Asante is jumping routes and taking pick 6's back, he's a good guy, but when he's taking that gamble and misses and the other team scores, then he's not so loved in Philly.  

Mike Kafka - Robin



Every super hero needs his side kick.  The guy who will step in if the main guy goes down, and that's what Kafka was drafted for (for now at least). 


Bonus comparison

Jayson Werth - Thor




Come on, they got the same facial hair, not to mention they can both swing the steel like nobodies business.  



Ok well thats end the comparisons for me.  If you guys have any to add, comment away.  I was trying to think of some for Trent Cole and Lesean Mccoy, but my mind went blank.  

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