Fantasy Outlook: Top 32 QB's

Good day fellow BGN'ers. I want to take this time to display my rankings to hopefully help you in your run for a fantasy football championship this upcoming season. I have been playing fantasy football for 8 years myself and I think the tools I have learned in those 8 years can serve everybody's benefit in dominating whatever league you may be participating in. So without further ado, here is my take on the best 32 QB's for the 2010 fantasy football season.

Point system: Standard 4 points for pass TD's, 1 point for every 25 yards of passing, -2 points for Int's, 1 point for every 10 yards of rushing.


1. Drew Brees, NO: With all the hype surrounding Aaron Rodgers people want to bypass the man who has dominated the fantasy landscape for the last 3 years at the position. Not me. Bye Week: 10

Projected Stats: 4705 yds 33 TD 12 INTS 25 rush yds 1 TD

2. Peyton Manning, Ind: This is the best QB in the league in reality and the second best for fantasy. Grab him next. Bye Week: 7

Projected Stats: 4517 yds 33 TD 13 INTS 16 rush yds 1TD

3. Aaron Rodgers, GB: This kid is great but I think he has more to prove before he just leaps over the other two. I expect a nice season never-the-less. Bye Week: 10

Projected Stats: 4013 yds 30TD 13 INTS 241 rush yds 2TD

4. Matt Schaub, Hou: Really stepped up last year as he led the league in passing yards. He has the best WR, Andre Johnson, in the game so as long as he is healthy he should continue to wreck shit. Bye Week: 7

Projected Stats: 4574 yds 29 TD 14 INTS 49 rush yds

5. Tom Brady, NE: Say what you want about the man but when it comes to fantasy he produces. I don't think he will miss a beat with Welker possibly missing a portion of the season as Edelman proved to be capable in the same role. Bye Week: 5

Projected Stats: 4289 yds 29 TD 12 INTS 46 rush yds 1 TD

6. Tony Romo, Dal: I hope this ranking is way off but sadly the guy does perform well during the season. If you can swallow your pride he might just win you a fantasy championship. Take solace in the knowledge he won't ever win a real one. Bye Week: 4

Projected Stats: 4394 yds 27 TD 13 INTS 83 rush yds

7. Brett Favre, Min: John Madden's player of the game every game. The old man still performs like a monster and when he comes back will continue to rack up the points. Bye Week: 4

Projected Stats: 4127 yds 30 TD 13 INTS 10 rush yds

8. Philip Rivers, SD: Vincent Jackson being suspended for 3 games might hurt his value a little but I don't think enough to drop him any lower this spot. He has plenty of weapons and should continue airing it out. Bye Week: 10

Projected Stats: 3956 yds 28 TD 14 INTS 41 rush yds 1 TD

9. Jay Cutler, Chi: Yes he is gonna throw a lot of INTS, but he will throw a bunch of TD's too and with Mike Martz there Chicago will become a pass first offense. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 4307 yds 26 TD 22 INTS 155 yds 1 TD

10. Joe Flacco, Bal: Yes I know Baltimore likes to run except if you have one of the best pass catching RB's, a new top tier WR, a WR 2 that has surpassed 1000 yards in 4 out of the last 5 years, invested heavily in a couple of young pass catching TE's, and have an aging defense that is solid but no longer shut down, you might pass a bit more. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 3932 yds 24 TD 14 INT 78 rush yds

11. Eli Manning, NYG: Their run game is not the same and the penchant to throw more will probably remain since they have a young but dynamic receiving corp. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 3880 yds 25 TD 13 INT 27 rush yds

12. Kevin Kolb, Phi: They love to throw in this great town of Philly and with a receiving corp that is one of the best 1,2,3 combos in the entire league plus a top tier TE, Kolb's transition to greatness should go smoothly with his first full year starting. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 1,000,000 yards, 250 TD 0 INTS , no ok actual stats; 3757 yds 24 TD 14 INTS 78 rush yds 1 TD

13. Matt Ryan, Atl: A weak and injured running game and a few injuries to himself left Ryan as somewhat of a disappointment last year. Everybody is back and healthy for 2010 so here's to a bounce back. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 3682 yds 24 TD 13 INTS 54 rush yds

14. Donovan McNabb, Was: The man can still make some plays and even though his receiving options leave a foul taste in the mouth, he will have enough to earn this spot. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 3427 yds 21 TD 12 INTS 162 rush yds 1 TD

15. Chad Henne, Mia: Somebody's got a target to throw too. I am high on this kid and think with the addition of Brandon Marshall he's got a shot to be very good over the next few seasons. Bye Week: 5

Projected Stats: 3646 yds 19 TD 14 INTS 49 rush yds

16. Ben Rothliesberger, Pit: The only reason he is this low is because of the fact he will be missing 4 games. His absence will also hurt Ward's, Wallace's, and Miller's overall worth but when he comes back, expect fire like he  showed last season. (His projected points per game,15.54 points, is what ranks him this high) Bye Week: 1,2,3,4,5

Projected Stats: 2998 yds 18 TD 10 INTS 85 rush yds 1 TD

17. Matt Stafford, Det: This kid is throwing to a damn Decepticon how can you not like that? They added talent for him to throw to (see Nate Burleson and Jahvid Best) and he should take a nice step forward this year. Bye Week: 7

Projected Stats: 3507 yds 19 TD 20 INTS 112 rush yds 2 TD

18. Carson Palmer, Cin: He still has Ochocinco and he now has a potentially legitimate TE for the first time in his tenor as Benglas QB, but these guys have transitioned to a run first team so his bottom line will be limited. (potential sleeper now with the probable suspension of Cedric Benson. They will perhaps air it out a tad more.) Bye Week: 6

Projected Stats: 3286 yds 21 TD 14 INTS 42 rush yds

19. David Garrard, Jac: This is MJD's team so he is more of a manager then anything. Servicable QB 2. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 3114 yds 15 TD 12 INTS 304 rush yds 3 TD

20. Jason Campbell, Oak: Normally going to the blackhole will suck all your fantasy value down but he has worked decently enough with very little before so he will probably remain about the same. Bye Week: 10

Projected Stats: 3285 yds 18 TD 14 INTS 186 rush yds 1 TD

21. Matt Cassell, KC: I personally consider this guy a sleeper. He has some receiving talent over in KC and I think with Weis taking over offensive duties we will see him perform a lot better. That being said I will temper my expectations. Bye Week: 4

Projected Stats: 3231 yds 18 TD 15 INTS 200 rush yds

22. Alex Smith, SF: I don't know what Singletary see's in this guy but he is the starter over in San Fran. I am thinking Gore will be used a ton and break down at some point so Smith might have some late season value. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 3185 yds 19 TD 16 INTS 86 rush yds

23. Matt Leinart, Ari: I understand that he has the 2nd best WR in the league at his disposal, but he couldn't do anything with him before and I don't think he will be able to do anything with him this time. I expect Derek Anderson to take over at some point but if he doesn't I can't see Leinart finishing better then here. Bye Week: 6

Projected Stats: 3205 yds 20 TD 18 INTS 44 rush yds

24. Vince Young, Ten: Every year the fantasy magazines overrate him and every year he ends up messing up some poor fools entire draft. I won't do that. Tennessee is the Chris Johnson show. Young's just along for the ride. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 2769 yds 16TD 12 INTS 406 rush yds 3 TD

25. Matt Hasslebeck, Sea: We don't even know if he is going to start. He has some slight talent around him but even so he just isn't very good. Expect injuries as well. Bye Week: 5

Projected Stats: 3010 yds 16 TD 13 INTS 27 rush yds

26.Mark Sanchez, NYJ: I'm not buying him being any more of an impact even with the addtion of Santonio Holmes. if there was a stat for handing off he would be the first guy on this list. Bye Week: 7

Projected Stats: 2998 yds 17 TD 17 INTS 116 rush yds 1 TD

27. Kyle Orton, Den:How to install confidence in your QB. Trade up into the first round to grab the most hyped QB in the 2010 draft, trade away your best WR, and draft a WR that wasn't even the best one on the board. Sorry Kyle. He wasn't very good anyway. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 2979 yds 15 TD 11INTS 34 rush yds

28. Josh Freeman, TB: This kid has some talent. Too bad his team doesn't. Another year to struggle. Bye Week: 4

Projected Stats: 3012 yds 16 TD 20 INTS 183 rush yds 2 TD

29. Matt Moore, Car: How to install confidence in your QB, part 2: Tell him and the media for months that he is the man for the job and then draft what many "experts" had as the 2nd best QB in the draft followed by picking another pretty good prospect at QB. Bye Week: 6

Projected Stats: 2720 yds 14 TDs 12 INTs 21 rush yds

30. Jake Delhomme, Cle: I am thinking he will be benched by week 4 in favor of Seneca Wallace but if not here is his bottom line. Bye Week: 8

Projected Stats: 2440 yds 11TD 14 INTS 42 rush yds 1 TD

31. Sam Bradford, STL: Rookie QB with nothing but a dump off back. Steven Jackson could have 300 catches this year. Bye Week: 9

Projected Stats: 2510 yds 14 TD 21 INTS 82 rush yds

32. Trent Edwards, Buf: He sucks. If you're drafting him you are either in the deepest league ever or you are purposefully trying to tank your team. Bye Week: 6

Projected Stats: 2248 yds 11 TD 15 INTS 141 rush yds

There they are. Thanks for reading. I will get RB's up as soon as I can.

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