Who would you say were the top 5 draft picks of the Reid era?

I was thinking, we've had some great players through the years which has made us such a good team the last decade. This off season has been brutal as far as news goes (come on Aug 13th). Here's mine

1. Brian Westbrook - A third rounder who defenses had to plan against. The reason why I put him over McNabb was because I think he made McNabb better, padded his stats with is receiving skills and to prove how valuable he was to this offense you have to think back to 2006 when McNabb was out and how well this offense ran. Guess who was the key? 36. Not to mention the offense REALLY struggled when he was out (remember when we lost him in WSH at the end of 03?) He also contributed big time as a PR back in the day -- what a threat he was. Westbrook was one of a kind, I don't think we'll see a RB like that on this team in a really long time.

2. Donovan McNabb - He quarterbacked this team for 10 years. He gave us some really exciting years too -- most notably in 01 (no one expected us to be good let alone almost beat St Louis in the CG), 2004 (what a season that was), and 2008 (another whirl wind). Yeah he never won a ring, but I think when ALL of us fans look back in the past 10 years most memories of McNabb will be positive.  He also came with a really really weak QB draft class. I still think it was time to depart with 5, but I guess we'll find out how true that really is this season.

3. Sheldon Brown - This guy was the most under rated CB forever now. He could play the run, pass, could hit, and was super physical. He only really struggled with taller WRs, otherwise, he was huge for our secondary.

4. Trent Cole - It's almost a little too early to name  him Andy's best pick as all of these guys have been part of the nucleus for awhile but I think when it's all said and done The Hunter is going to be considered on of the best draft picks in the Reid era. He can play the run, makes tons of plays in the backfield, and demands a lot of attention from other defenses.Can anyone imagine the defense without him? Ouch

5. Corey Simon - Sucks how it ended for t his guy and he didn't play all that long in the NFL but in the early days he did a really nice job making us one of the better defenses. He was lazy and at times a fat load, and it's still a mystery why he was forced into retirement, but it was definitely one of Andy's better picks.


Other notables: Todd Herremanes (He's solid and versatile, I think he'll be here a long time),Correl Buckhalter (he contributed nicely a couple years, a fan favorite), Broderick Bunkley (quietly one of the better DTs out there). Hesitant to put Lito on there because he really was over rated and only had 1-2 good years here and was ALWAYS knicked up.

Also: Raheem Brock and Derrick Burgess deserve some mention also. Later round gems but Brock never played for us and Burgess really only contributed to our magical playoff run in '04.


Just for kicks my top busts

1. THE ENTIRE '04 draft class. Wow, that hurt

2. Jerome McDougle

3. Freddie Mitchell

4. Quinton Caver

5. Matt McCoy and possibly Laws if he ends up tanking again.


Whats yours?

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