We're not only Potential

"Middle of the Pack"  Is probably an accurate expectation for the Eagles this season. With a little luck, they could string together some good wins and be a playoff contender. With a key injury or two, they could fail to reach .500. But that could be said about most teams in the league.

When I look at this team, its clear that their built for the future. But unlike most teams when they rebuild, the Eagles won't spend any time at the bottom of the league. Some teams take years to rebuild, to climb out the of the gutter. Not the birds, they replaced 3 key core players on their team over this offseason (Brown, McNabb, Westbrook), and three more last year (Dawkins, Tra, Runyan). But do we expect them to be in bottom tier of teams? Absolutely not. Even with the expectation of a few growing pains, we expect this fresh faced crop of birds to pick up right where we left off last year. Playoffs or bust.  

The way I see it, if you pack a well run team full of potential, you will be able to compete every year. The creme will always rise. Take a look at my offensive break down after the jump. You'll see we've got a lot more than just potential.

Kevin Kolb - Okay, let's just take a quick "out of the box" look at what he's done so far. After a solid football career at Houston University, he was basically early admitted into Eagles QB graduate school to get his PhD in Quarterbacking. While most other's get little postgrad QB schooling (1 year back up i.e masters program), and others just right into "Pro Ballin", Kolb was studying away at a school that would eventtually want him to take over. Best part is that Kolb's skill set fits the system perfectly, better than the guy who was running things before him. Now, with a Phd in QB, Kolb enters the work force as an asset that many teams don't have the luxury of having. Look at the Packers. I'm not saying this will work out the same but Brett Farve is one of the best of all time, still is pretty damn good on the field, but I believe the Packers are better with Aaron Rodgers than they would be with Farve.


Mike Vick - Was a dominant wild cat type qb before he left football for a few years. It wasn't an injury that took him away from the game. Could make a big improvement this year and return to form, kind of like Ricky Williams.


Jeremy Maclin, Desean Jackson, Jason Avant - Have the speed, the talent, the youth, and the hands to be the best WR trio  in the league for the next decade. I'm gonna go ahead and say it "Desean Jackson = Steve Smith"., and lot's of people believe Maclin will be even better! You can't not be excited about the blossoming careers of these guys. Our number four and five guys can be secured by specialist, because barring injury these guys got 123 locked.


Brent Celek - Guy plays with a lot of heart. He's not the biggest, or the fastest, but he usually wants it more. He's got the X-factor that Eagles fans just can't seem to put in words when arguing whose got the best TEs in the NFC East.


Cornelious Ingram - If he could only get to 100% and stay there, this guy could be dominant in Red Zone. Dominant all around, a great compliment for Celek, a great change of pace. If he never pans out we have Clay Harbor getting his masters in TE to help fill the void.


La Weave - Probably the best FB in the league. Having the best player around at an underrated position could be suprisingly dangerous.


Mccoy, Bell, Scott - Anyone of these guys could suprise us and have an amazing season. Let's just hope one does.


These guys are going to score a lot of points. Less three and outs. Longer drives. More rest for defense. But this offense can be dominate for years to come, once that defense reaches some level of its potential we'll be a Super Bowl contenders.

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