Final 53 Man Roster Discussion

With 13 draft picks and a slew of undrafted rookies and open roster positions, this is one of the most unpredictable final rosters in recent memory.

I'll give you my best guess.

LS: Doronbos     -      Lets get this bugger out of the way. Good long snap there Jon, you're the best.

QB: Starter:Kolb    -   appears to be a prototype west-coast thrower. The things he has yet to show : Pocket Awareness - We've seen him wisely throw it away, which is a good sign, but does he have that 6th sense for when a rusher is coming and that innate ability to avoid sacks. In college this is what excited me most about Kolb, he appeared to have good pocket awareness.           Deep Ball: Maclin and Desean have the speed to get real deep, and I have yet to see Kolb connect with either on a true bomb yet. He's made some pretty long range throws, but he's never hit the big time deep ball and until he does I consider it my biggest fear in the world.

Backup: Vick   -   He's got to be in way better shape this time around for training camp compared to last year. I'm not opposed to busting out the wildcat some more this year; at least it usually meant a much needed running play.

Emergency QB: Kafka   -   pretty athletic guy, good project, chance to be our backup next year.

RB: Starter:Shady   -    Elite player in college had a productive rookie year while admitting that the long season took a toll. Spent the entire offseason in a formal strength and conditioning program with the Eagles s/c coach. I predict him to be a huge player for us this year. Please tuck that ball away son.

Backup:Bell  -   His experience and apparently strong showing in the passing game during OTAs make him a pretty nice back-up to McCoy.

3rd string: Scott   -   Never seen him play, liked his highlights and what I've heard.

WR: Three Starters: Desean/Maclin/Avant    -     A potentially amazing west coast trio.

Backups: Riley Cooper and Hank Baskett   -   Hopefully we don't see much of these guys, as we have much better playmakers ahead of them. I almost put Chad Hall but I have an unshakeable feeling that Andy keeps the veteran Baskett. Chad Hall goes to practice squad.


TE: Starter: Brent Celek   -   I loved his college tape when we drafted him and thought he would make a great #2 for the rest of his career. He was too slow I thought, but ran like a man possessed with the ball. He's not too slow. His weakness: Run blocking   -    I think he'll get there someday.

Backup:Ingram - Impressive athlete who's been through a tough time, he will persevere but it may take more time for him to heal.

3rd String: Harbor    -    Has to make the final roster. He could see playing time in certain packages, especially if Ingram isn't all the way back from his injuries. I see him as an H-Back/TE type, and JasonB says everyone loved him at the draft.

FB : Fullback:The Weave   -   we were right, it was a great signing and a perfect fit. Roseman made this one happen.

O-Line: LT : Peters backed up up by Queen Dunlap (Herremans is the real backup plan.)  -  Dunlap is only depth, Peters is all important to this o-line.

LG: Herremans backup up by McGlynn   -    I focused a ton on O-line last year while watching, and came away with a new found respect for Herremans.

C: Cole   -    he will be alright, he's a vet.

RG:Stacy Andrews backed up by McGlynn again

RT: Justice backup up by Topou     -      Justice is a poor run blocker but a good pass blocker.

PUP - Jamaal Jackson comes back mid-season or later and adds depth

Offense Recap : only 24 players so far not including Jamaal Jackson. Only 8 o-linemen kept knowing that Jamaal will be around later in the year if injuries get out of control.

Defensive Line: Starters: Cole and Graham at ends -   Graham was picked 13th overall to be something, either he's that thing or he's not, but sitting him on the bench won't help in any way.

Bunk and Patt at DT  -  We don't get run over like we did in the Darwin Walker days, and these two are a big reason why.

situational guys:Tapp   -    He'll be the first guy off the bench to give graham a breather. I think Tapp will be used on running downs to give Graham a breather to be ready for the obvious pass rush situation. Keeping Cole/Graham/Tapp fresh and giving them all playing time would be wise

De'o Neisheim or something like that  -  Nickel pass rusher from DT is my guess. DE in some formations, such as a 3-4 look with Cole and graham at olb.

Laws   -    Haven't seen much from this guy besides getting pushed around, but apparently he has added 20 pounds in the offseason and is coming in to save his career

Sapp    -   Joker position and pure speed rusher. He'll never be a 4-3 linebacker.

Dixon     -     He'll be back

Injured Reserve: Abiamiri

Linebackers:     ROLB (SAM)  -  Moise Fokou    -     Aggressive and fierce, just how a SAM should play

MLB (MIKE)  -  Bradley   -     Many players said he was their defensive leader before he went down last preseason

LOLB (WILL) - Sims     -      this position should be reserved for playmakers. Sims will be that.

Backups - SAM - Jamar Chaney and Alex Hall    -   does alex hall even make the team? I'll say yes but it feels wrong

MIKE  - Gaither    -      Backup all over the place

WILL - Akeem Jordan and Keenan Clayton     -      Jordan was off to a nice start last year, Clayton is a developmental guy who will play strictly special teams if he's even active on game day.

Kicker: Akers     -     best in the division

Punter: Rocca    -     Had a game last year where every punt pinned them deep and he was a huge asset. Had many games last year where nearly every punt was a shank and he was a deterrence.

Strong Safety: Mikkel backed up by Kurt Coleman

Free Safety: Allen backed up by Quentin Demps

RCB: Ellis Hobbs    -     unfortunately mr smellis is the best we got

LCB: Asante Samuel    -     a strength

Nickelback: Macho Harris     -     I think he gets a shot at nickel

Dimeback: Joselio Hanson , Trevard Lindley   -     If Macho slips one of these guys will get a shot at nickel.


Well Ladies and Gents that's 52, and so I get a bonus player to throw out there.............................. AQ Shipley  -  Shows enough at center to earn a reserve spot.


Toughest to cut - Chad Hall    -    could be a returner and backup receiver, but he's not able to start at WR so Baskett stays instead. I hope this guy comes into training camp and makes himself indispensable, but he's been away from football.

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