The Safety Dance

While mourning the loss of the top player on the depth chart for FS, I decided to examine the situation from another perspective, 2011.

Our front office decided it was time for a youth infusion. I believe it started last year and that McNabb was really gone the whole time. We focus on so much youth on the offensive side of the ball- but what does our defense look like?


Many positions are affected by this, but lets look at the primary one on everyone's mind: Safety.


I submit for your thoughts not about what happens this season, but next season, and the 3-4 ones after that. Obviously, the offense is being redesigned to carry us into a series of deep playoff runs- but with the passing of Jim Johnson and the first full influence McD has on shaping his defense, perhaps we're not considering the youth movement enough on the defensive side.

If we recognize that 2010-11 is going to be a rebuilding year for all phases of the franchise. What did this mean for Marlin Jackson? One year contract, injury prone- even if he did play well, I doubted he would remain in our city. This evidence is supported by the 37th pick in the draft (ironically, the same pick that is considered a direct result of our youth movement).

Nate Allen is the future of the Free Safety position. Either this year or next, he's starting for us. The question is, when?



Consider this, we now have an over qualified secondary coach. Put yourself in his shoes, and which bachelor do you select?

Is it bachelor number 1? He's everyone's darling and the perfect one to settle down with and enjoy a long relationship with.But he's new to the dating scene and will be prone to mistakes in the one place that mistakes are least affordable.

Is it bachelor number 2? He's the bad boy in the dog house who lost his job and is hungry, and willing, to do anything to get it back.

or is it bachelor number 3? the one with the most experience in McD's system and a full year to adjust to NFL speed and schemes.


If I'm Jauron, I'm starting the season with someone with more experience for what I imagine will be a very complex system. I'm looking to get Macho Harris back there, or at least Demps with more experience and the hunger to pick it all up.



But, safety is two positions, isn't it? And we have a pro-bowl elected strong safety hitting 30 with only one year remaining on his contract.

You think Otogwe is getting paid? Quintin Mikell will as well. He's going to look for the same contract OJ will be (and he'll get it). Long, and lots of money.

Do the eagles sign 30 year old to a long term contract for the going rate of a pro-bowl safety?


I think its entirely likely that BOTH Allen and Demps/Macho start at safety next year. In McD's scheme, both safeties do it all. They play center field, they can play in the box, they can go halves deep, and they can man up. There's no difference, and getting Demps/Macho starting experience early in Free Safety means we can make a better educated decision on Mikell for next year.




I hope you guys enjoyed my post, thanks for reading and the feedback.

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