FanPost is the worst site in the world

This is a slow time of the offseason, and there are very little stories coming from the Eagles. So I find myself jumping from site to site just to see if some kind of news may have developed.

Today, I read 2 of the stupidest post ever on

The first article made reference to Asante Samuels and make a case why we should get rit of him.

Not that I don't disagree, I don't think Asante will be here in 3 years. This year or next year may be his last. He is going to be 30 soon. And i know Asante is a liability in tackling. But to say this is just ridiculous

Perhaps the Browns would swap corners with us and we’ll just keep Sheldon Brown this time.

This is just irresponsible, while Sheldon started strong; he played terrible down the stretch. While Asante was a liability in the run, Sheldon was a liability in the pass. He really had a poor second half, and I'm not too sure his injuries were the only reasons why he struggled. So to say we should have kept Brown and got rid of Asante is just stupid. As I think Sheldon is beginning the down side of his career the same way Lito did.

Then I read this gem of as story

This story spelled out the Eagles situation. He first goes into a detailed argument of why Cooper and Basket are in a 4th WR battle. This is just stupid, there is NO battle there, Cooper is the guy, period. That’s pretty common knowledge now. If he wants to argue, who will be the big man WR on the team, than that’s a different argument, but Cooper is the 4th guy.

After making his case of Basket vs. Cooper he says this.

But no matter who wins the fourth job, it’s likely the other will simply be relegated to the fifth spot and will have to play a lot of special teams

 Duh, you dope. If you aren't the 4th receiver, than you are just the 5th. How stupid is that.

This said, the more interesting story will be Hall vs. Basket. As we will likely on fill in 5 WR on this roster.

You have Basket, (the Vet with experience, can be somewhat reliable, and even start 1 game in a pinch) Will you need Hank if you have Cooper? Hank is good in special teams though.

You have Hall (versatile, WR/RB/ KR, tons of speed, but way less experience).

This is the kicker of the post though. Read this piece of garbage.

But if we really want to throw a wrench in this whole thing, we’ll have to consider the possibility that Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg see Cornelius Ingram as more of a receiver than a tight end.

 What kind of stupidity is this? Why would you waste Ingram (A projected first./ second round TE last year) and use him as a WR in an already crowded WR corps. Last I remember, scouts gave Ingram a 85 rating, that was just 3 points below Knowshon Moreno. He was projected as a late first/ early second round pick. Injuries set him back, as many teams didn't trust his surgery, and they were right as he reinjured his knee early in camp.

Bob Cunningham is a idiot, and GCobb has been spewing nothing but stupidity as of late. Garry really needs to monitor some of the stupidity that is posted on his site.

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