Andy Reid: We will run the ball more

Miss leading? I was trying to pull a Jeff McLane. Well...I was more trying to support Jasons post about miss leading headlines. But if you read on you will find out that the people who are hoping/expecting Andy to run more better not hold their breath.

Many people have suggested that since the Eagles ran the ball more when DNabb went down and Garcia stepped in, we will indeed run the ball more this year while Kolb is getting comfortable. Well lets look at the stats.


Kolbs first two starts.

NO- 26% of the time we ran the ball. Lost 48-22. OK we were trying to come back so it's hard to tell conclusively.

KC- 38% of the time we ran the ball. Won 34-14. Well this game we were killing KC so we ran clock in the 2nd half.

With Garcia at the helm. 2006
Gm1:Ind- 47% we ran the ball way over normal. We also lost 21-45. 6ypc phi.
Gm 2:Car- 35% we ran the ball. Less than normal. Win 27-24.  3.6ypc phi.
Gm 3:Wash- 48% we ran the ball. So this is 2 games. Win 21-19 swept Wash! 4.5ypc phi.
Gm 4:NYG- 49% we ran the ball. Three games! Win 36-22.  9.7ypc phi.
Gm 5:Dall- 52% we ran the ball. WOW we ran more than passed. Win 23-7 good guys.4.9ypc
Gm 6:Atl- 28% we ran the ball. Puzzling? Win 24-17.  2.5ypc!!!!!!!!
PO: NYG- 44% we ran the ball. Win 23-20.  6.0ypc.
PO:NO- 36% we ran the ball. Lost 24-27 Duece McAllister avg 6.6 ypc!  6.3ypc wtf andy?

What this shows is Andy is willing to take the easy rushing yards. Not that he ran the ball more because Garcia was in the game.

People are also citing that we went out and got some bruisers(Bell,Scott). Scott might be the next Ron Dayne and be too slow to get to the hole before its closed. Or he might be Jacobs/Okoye(a couple of big years and then his body gives out.). I'm guessing he will be something in between. Meaning he will never pressure Shady for the starting roll. He will be our best bet for GL carries. That is if he is not cut. He still has to beat out Buckley(who I hate). Bell is Marion Barberish. But not quite Barber. He hits the holes hard and pumps his legs to fight for extra inches. He just isn't as good as Marion was at one point. But if given the opportunity he would be a good compliment to Shady.

I don't think that Andy is setting up to run the ball more. If anything we drafted Scott and added Bell to sure up our short yardage situations. Love it or hate it Andy is a pass first/second and sometimes third guy. He has brought us success in the past, so here's hoping he successfully revamped us for decade two!

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