Oh god FS...

We all know that Marlin is gone for the season, we will most likely place him on IR late this week.. So I'd like to say that I hope Marlin has a speedy and healthy recovery and that he comes back next year and is a player whether that be here or elsewhere...

The beginning:

The was once a time where the Eagles had a stud FS who hit like a truck and covered like a blanket, one that stood for the heart and soul of the Philadelphia Eagles. This great FS is known as Dawkins.. Ever since that fateful day the Eagles have been a revolving door at FS. Demps was "the starter" last offseason and became unseated by current backup CB Macho Harris and even got completely shut out by Sean Jones. Macho Harris had his bright spots however had some lapses in judgement during games, Sean Jones wasnt to great either when he did play... Our FS position was one of the weakness's of the 2009 campaign...

(Demps fucking sucks)


The Current Solutions:

Up until today it looked as if Marlin Jackson would be our Starting Free Safetly, he seemed to be on the rise after a quick recovery from a torn ACL, this rise ended this afternoon after Marlin suffered a season ending injury to his right ankle(Ruptured Achilles). Seems like the Eagles were banking on Marlin making a big impact this year..

Now with Marlin done for the season we have to put all of our eggs in one basket. As if being the "McNabb pick" wasn't enough pressure Nate Allen may be asked to play with the big boys day 1. Now I'm a Nate Allen believer however I was hoping we'd ease him into starting this season, now were throwing him right into the fire and we'll see what he's made of..

It appears the FS position is in the hands of a Rookie who's coming into a sketchy DB group who was also taken with the pick that our former franchise QB got us...

(All I can think of is "like a boss")


But wait there may still be hope!

(no fucking way)

There may be a FS out there who can come in and help, there may be a FS who can be physical and allow us to let Nate Allen grow and ease into action.... Yes I'm talking about Atogwe, the man may be a FA or available for cheap(sorta).. Atogwe would buy us a good year or two to get Allen acclimated to NFL life/play, and would instantly make our ify DB core better...


So at this point your asking "what's your point wild_eagle?"

I will tell you what my point is. The Marlin Jackson injury is a big hit however we're not having that big of a drop off between him, Nate Allen, and if we get him Atogwe. All 3 are(or will) be new the system, all 3 have some sort of learning curve(except Atogwe to a degree due to Spags) and all 3 will still have the Dawkins thing hanging over thier head...

Also I'd like to say that we will most likely add a DB or 2 before TC so we keep our projected/potential starters off the injury report (or IR), we cannot handle anymore injuries to the DB's..

So my final little though is what I think we should do with our secondary...

  •  Start Mikell at SS
  • Start Asante at LCB
  • Start Nate Allen at FS(or if we get Atogwe start him at FS)
  • Let RCB be a battle(or if we get Atogwe play Nate Allen their)

We are definantly going to be relying on our DL and LB's to put pressure on QB's so we dont have to rely on our Secondary.. So sad to see a major strength turn into pathetic weakness.


(Atogwe has pet monkeys...)

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