8thMan's Incredibly Accurate 2010 Season Records.



Hey it's the 8thman here to give my honest, accurate, brutal even ridiculously early season records so let's take that jump!


--------NFC NORTH--------

The North for the awhile was weak but with strong playoff contenders in the Vikings and the Packers the dvision is still clearly going to peak as the Lions start to build a team and the bears...well they are a pretty solid 8-8 team i'd say.


Vikings 10-6 - I don't think there will be a repeat of last year with Favre BUT with there talent they can make it to 10-6 and earn a wild card spot perhaps.

Packers 12-4 - The Packers, as much as i hate to say it are a pretty good team i feel like Rodgers will put up some hefty numbers as the leader of the offense. They will win the NFC North.

Lions 6-10 - I think the Lions are going to be perhaps a sleeper team this year they have some good talent and they are building a team for the future yeah they will be bad for a little while longer but soon enough you will hear the mighty lions roar.

Bears 8-8 - I feel like the bears are just an average team nothing to much... They do have a good looking defense though the offense for me is ehh so so.

Let's head down South.

------------NFC South------------

Buccaneers 7-9 - The bucs are lesser team with along time to go before they become good.


Falcons 10-6 - Good youngish team with a bright future.


Panthers 8-8 - Ehh im iffy on the Panthers could even say below 500 but ehh.


Saints 11-5 - They had a fairytale year last year i don't see it happening again but i do say they will win their division and get into the playoffs.


Let's get to the beast in the east.


-------------NFC EAST------------

Cowboys 10-6 - I hate the cowboys it sucks living in Texas and most people are Cowboys fans... i hate it...anyway...they...are....good move on..

Eagles 16-0 - screw no i don't feel good at all about this upcoming season i mean at ALL there has been nothing to get me to stop worrying about it just something about Kolb that dosnt feel right we will see.... but i feel like it's a 8-8 or 9-7 season with some dissapointing games we should have won but Kolb threw to many INT's.


Giants 8-8 - Their defense is in the toilet they would need a resurgance i don't see it... Their offense isnt bad but it isnt great.


Redskins 6-10 - Quit embarassing our division Redskins!



To the wild wild west. (not really)


------NFC WEST-------

49er's 9-7 - the team isnt looking half bad crabtree, davis, just missing a QB

Cardinals 7-9 - aint ganna be the same without warner and lost boldin.

Rams 6-10- i like the Rams i feel like they to will be good in future years.

Seahawks 7-9 ehh average team.


------AFC NORTH-------

Steelers 9-7 - are ganna be hurting without big Ben.

Bengals 7-9 a team that is getting better but will not repeat last year.

Ravens 11-5 look for them to take the division and go to the playoffs.

Browns 3-13 not a good all.


-----------AFC SOUTH-----------

Colts 11-5 good team good prediction.

Jaguars 9-7 not a bad team but not a great one.

Texans 7-9 a texas team what to say.

Titans 9-7 looking better vince young chris johnson is a beast.


---------AFC EAST------------

Bills- 5-11 garbage team

Dolphins 9-7 nothing impresses me from the fins.

Jets 9-7 they arent ganna be a beast team like people are saying....

Patriots 10-6 the cheaters will win their division.

---------AFC WEST------------

Broncos 8-8 pretty average...

Chargers 12-4 pretty good team right here could end up in the super bowl.

Chiefs 4-12 horrible team in the gutters.

Raiders 6-10 dropped russel so they get a leg up.


Now obviously i'm kinda a sarcastic guy so the title is misleading this is just me being bored.

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