Boo Robinson is 100% Healthy


What's going on, Eagles fans!?!  This is Albert Elias, again.  I'm Boo Robinson's agent.

As a football fan, first (WHO DAT!?! (Sorry, I had to do that) ;-), and an agent, second, I know how it feels to hear that your team has brought on some new blood that you don't really don't know much about.  Well, after my last post about Boo, you guys left me some great questions in the comments section, so I figured I'd throw another post your way to answer some of them.

Scott K. asked... "Does Boo have a preference for the position he will play in the NFL?"

Man, he could probably play defensive end, but he's such a damn good defensive tackle in a 3-4 and 4-3 package.  And he plays the zero and three techniques really well.

MidwesternEaglesfan asked... "Do you have some lesser known stats on Boo?"

The best way for you to find out some of his lesser known stats is to take a look at Boo's profile on Wake Forest's site.  But, I can tell you these tidbits... After his junior year, he was a Lombardi finalist, and he was on the Lombardi list his senior year.  Also (and FYI, I'm not saying this as a biased agent ;-) - the critics claimed this.), he was critically acclaimed as being one of the best defensive tackles in college football.

Finally, d-jackfan10 brought up some concerns about about Boo's health.  And, as a fan, you have every reason in the world to have such concerns.  But, the current truth of the matter is this...

Boo Robinson is 100% healthy.  I'm not throwing any agent B.S. at'cha - I can say he's 100% healthy with 100% certainty.  Like, I promise ;-)

Boo is a smart man.  He was valedictorian of his high school in Monroe, Louisiana, and the first person in his family to go to college.  For a fleeting moment, he thought about throwing his hat into the NFL ring a little early, because they gave him a third round grade, but he decided he wanted to graduate ('atta boy, Boo ;-).  Well, as many of you know, a back injury - quite literally - slowed down a lot of his football momentum as his college career came to a close.  But, trust me when I say that his injury was, without a doubt, a minor one.

My brother, David Elias, is a great orthopedic surgeon, and my agency is fortunate to have him as our second medical opinion on all issues involving my players.  Well, once David got a hold of Boo, he confirmed that the injury was, in fact, a minor one; but the main problem of his situation was that he wasn't doing the proper exercises to heal himself.  You see, Boo wasn't stretching every day (not due to laziness, but because he was ill-informed), and this caused him to tighten-up.  And when you tighten-up, you lose a lot of your quickness, which - of course - causes your overall performance to slip a bit.  This is why Boo had a less-than-stellar senior season that caused many teams to keep him off their draft boards.

So, thanks to David's help and insight, Boo gained a better understanding of his injury and how to heal it.  He then took that knowledge, worked out with incredible intensity, and now he's regained his ability to perform at full-strength.  And now that he's with the Eagles, who has one of the best athletic staffs in the country, he's going to be able to continue keeping that beast of a body in tip-top shape.  My brother (who I'm obviously a big fan of ;-), did a great job with Boo, and has gifted him with new life.  He passed his physicals in both Tampa and Philadelphia, so there's no longer any concern about his back, at all.

The Eagles have got themselves a great find in Boo Robinson.  I know, I know... As his agent, I'm supposed to say things like that, but I don't mess around recruiting players to Elias Sports Management who I only 99% believe in.  Boo is my boy, but he's also my business; and in order for my agency to continue to thrive, I have to bring in guys who I can trust to perform well both on and off the field.  And as far as you fans are concerned, you, too, want your Eagles to perfectly represent themselves as the all-around talents that they claim to be.  Well, as someone who's proud to say that Boo is a friend of mine, I can assure y'all that you have many, Many, MANY memorable Boo Robinson moments to look forward to ;-)


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