TE rankings for 2010

Common theme here...bored again at work...RBs to come...but for now how I have the 2010 TEs ranked for the coming year.  I tried to take blocking into account, but being that I haven't seen most of these TEs for more than 2 or 3 games, its hard to rank how effective they are in pass and run blocking.  Also these are my predictions, as we know that Gates and Gonzales have been the best two TEs for sometime now. (at least i think we know that)

1.  Antonio Gates- the guy is just dominant when healthy.  I hear he is a preety good blocker as well when he wants to be.  This is what places himn above the #2 guy on my list. Lead all TEs with 18 plays over 20 yards last year. an amazing 77.2% of his catches went for first downs as well.

2. Vernon Davis- Now that he finally is learning the team concept, he is a beast.  The only thing stopping SF's offense is the QB. Could you imagine if they traded for donvan, with Gore, Crabtree and Davis.  Had 13 Tds last year. Tied for lead with 3 catches for 40+ yards.

3. Dallas Clark- continues to flourish in Indy's offense. The perfect target for peyton. Had 100 catches and 10 Tds last year. also had 3 catches for 40+ yards

4. Jason Witten- gets the nod over #5 because of superior blocking skills.  Even though he plays for dallas, its hard not to like this wrecking ball run over and through guys.

5. Brent Celek- After watching tape of Kolb's two games last year, its hard not to think this guy is in for a monster year. I'm expecting 80-90 catches, 1000-1100 yards, and 12 -15 TDs.  Was second with 16 plays 20+ yards.  The third TE tied for lead with 3 catches for 40+.

6.Jermichael Finley- will be a key part of Green Bay's powerful offense this year.  I think this is his breakout year.

7. Tony Gonzales- the guy can still play.  Keep waiting for him to show his age but he still is one of the best. Had 83 receptions last year.

8. Kellen Winslow- the guy has all the talent in the world, just isn't right in the head. Came out of TE U- that's what i'm calling Miami (Bubba Franks-2000, Shockey-2002, Winslow-2004, Kevin Everett (that guy that got hurt real bad on the field-2005, Olsen-2007, Jimmy Graham-2010, and they actually had another TE drafted this year by SD).  Had 77 ctaches last year for lowly TB.

9. Visanthe Shiancoe- this is where it starts to get tough.  But besides from having one of the best names in the league, had a real solid year helping farve. Was #2 with 67% of his catches being for first downs.

10. Chris Cooley- Was banged up for alot of the year, but another guy from a rival team who is hard not to like. Other than Byron Westbrook, and Donnie MAc, my favorite skin.

11. Greg Olsen- Is capable of great things if Mike Martz uses him in his offense and if Cutler can complete passes to his OWN team.

12. Heath Miller-76 catches for 789 yards, and with either Dixon or Leftwich throwing for a few games, I am sure he will be an important safety blanket.

13. Zach Miller- I still have nightmare about his catch against us last year, as does Asante I'm sure. Had 805 yards receiving last year.

14. John Carlson- Had 7 Tds last year in his second year.  Was expected to put up better numbers then he actually did last year, but I think he will take the step forward this year.

15. Dustin Keller- Is solid but unspectacular, but since Sanchez can't throw the ball very far downfield (or Ryan won't let him if he's smart), i think he will have decent numbers.

15. Jermaine Gresham- I know what you're gonna say, he's a rookie, he's never done anything, and I agree.  Gresham actually could be much higher on this list, as i'm expecting 50 catches, 600 yards and around 7 Tds, but he has potential to be even better.  I think will be the next Gonzales (at least he could be)

16. Brandon Pettigrew- Solid numbers for a rookie who was hurt last year. Detroit will eventually have a strong offense with Megatron, Best, Pettigrew, and Stafford. This could be the year he starts too blossom.

17. Owen Daniels- A steady and underrated player for a few years now for the Texans.  I believe he was hurt a bit last year.

18. Rob Gronkowski- Another rookie who hasn't done anything yet, but if he remains healthy he could be even better than Gresham.  I think Hernandez will steal some of his catches.  Pats will have a dynamic 2 TE set for the next decade.  Will steal Welker's role  until he returns healthy.

19. Fred Davis- would be better if Cooley wasn't in Wash. but will still put up solid numbers.  My buddy who is a Washinton fan swears by him, and thinks he is a real mauler and should be top-10.

20. Kevin Boss- Is mostly known for his blocking, but is solid if unspectacular.  And i don't hate him nearly as much as their last TE. which brings me to...

21. Jeremy Shockey- One of my least favorite players, His game  has never matched his potential.  I think the Saints drafted his replacement in Graham, but he finally put up decent numbers last year WITHOUT being a major headache.  I hate that he has a ring though.  I remember him getting up and signaling a first down every catch like he just made the best play of all-time.  Has skills though.

22. Mercedes Lewis- makes some big plays for jacksonville's offense.  Is still young and improving.

23. Todd Heap- a solid player who only feels like he has been around forever.  Had 53 catches for almost 600 yards last year, but is on the downside of his career.

24. Tony Scheffler- A good receiving option, another weapon for detroit's offense.  I love the guy because he brought us Ernie Sims.

25. Aaron Hernandez- As mentioned earlier, I think this guy will be real good. Wish he wasn't on NE because I think as a #1 TE, he could be awesome. 

26. Ed Dickson- Heap's replacement who i expect to be a solid pro

27. Bo Scaife- Decent receiving TE for Titans.  A poor man's owen daniels.

28. Jimmy Graham- Is a super athletic TE who was a good basketball player (a la Gonzales). hasn't played a whole lot, but i think by the end of the year will be stealing Shockey's playing time.

29. Anthony Fasano- Is a hard working player that was a solid blocker for miami last year.

30. Martellus Bennett- I think he has some skill and could see time in the two TE sets for Dallas.

Honorable Mention: If, and that is a huge if, Cornelius Ingram can stay healthy, the guy can be a stud, probably the best #2 in the league.  Has all the skills, the speed, the size, to be somewhat dominant

SO where am i way off? What did I get right?


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