Comparing the Eagles to their NFC East rivals(RB's, FB and OL)

I did part 1 a few days ago and I've spent some time thinking this one through and trying to improve upon my first one...

So here we go...



Running Back:

The NFC East is full of talented RB's from top to bottom.. So here's a look at who's got the advantage at RB..

Cowboys- The Cowboys have a good group of RB's, Between Felix Jones, Barber and Choice they are very diverse and talented..

  • Felix Jones- 116 carries for 685 yards and 3 TD's. He also had 19 catches for 119 yards and 0 TD's..He had 3 fumbles.
  • Marion Barber- 214 carries for 932 yards and 7 TD's. He had 26 catches for 221 yards and 0 TD's... He had 2 fumbles.
  • Tashard Choice- 64 carries for 350 yards and 3 TD's. He added 15rec for 132 yards. 0 fumbles.

Giants- The Giants have a decent tandem of RB's, Jacobs has the power and Bradshaw has the speed..

  • Brandon Jacobs- 224 carries for 835 yards and 5 TD's. He clocked 18 receptions for 184 yards and 1 TD. He fumbled 2 times.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw- 163 rushes for 778 yards and 7 TD's. He had 21 catches for 207 yards and 0 TD's.. He fumbled 3 times.

Redskins- The Redskins have possibly the oldest RB core in the NFL, Larry Johnson isnt good anymore, Portis is just Portis and Willie Parker lost his speed.

  • Portis- 124 carries for 500 yards and 1 TD. Then 9 catches for 57 yards and 1 TD. He had 1 fumble(this was all in 8 games)
  • Larry Johnson- 178 rushes for 580 yards and 0 TD's. He also had 15rec for 80 yards and 0 TD's.. He also had 2 fumbles.
  • Willie Parker- 98 carries for 389 yards and 0 TD's. then had 6 rec for 64 yards and 1 TD.. Had 2 fumbles.

Eagles- We have a young and hopefully stable group here..

  • Lesean McCoy- 155 carries for 637 yards and 4 TD's. And 40rec for 308 yards and 0 TD's. He had 2 fumbles.
  • Mike Bell(was w/ saints, 3rd RB)- 172 carries for 654 yards and 5 TD's. He also had 4rec for 12 yards.. He had 2 fumbles.
  • Scott- He's a rookie with some great promise, shouldnt be factored into the thing but I thought I'd add him as a side note.

And the rankings are:

  1. The Dallas Cowboys, They have a 3 headed monster of some sorts going on there, and Felix Jones just gets better and better and Marion looks to be going back to his closer type job.
  2. I put the Giants here at 2nd, not because of Jacobs but because of Bradshaw, this kid seems to get better and better.
  3. The Eagles are 3rd, if they improve and McCoy plays up to what we expect we could possibly jump from 3 to 1.
  4. Redskins come in last again, they RB core is just old or always hurt.. Dont see them really lasting that long unless they give each on the same amount of games to play.


Ahh, the most underrated position in football, the 6th OLman, the 2nd RB, the battering ram...

Giants- Madison Hedgecock is the NYG's fullback and in my opinion he's pretty good at it. Here are some stats:

  • He had 0 rushes last season.
  • He had only 4rec's for 23 years and got 1 TD out of that.
  • He is considered and outstanding blocker.

Cowboys- The Cowboys have Deon Anderson at FB, here are some stats/notes:

  • He had 0 rushes last season.
  • He had 1 catch for 5 yards. No TD's.
  • He is considered an ok blocker.

Redskins- They have Mike Sellers playing FB for them. here are some stats/notes:

  • He had 0 rushes last season.
  • He had 17 catches for 176 yards and 2 TD's.
  • He's considered a solid Run blocker and a reliable pass blocker.

Eagles- Leonard Weaver is a badass... See the Face Cleaver here Click this shit.... Here's the goods:

  • He had 70 carries for 323 yards and 2 TD's.
  • He also had 15rec for 140 yards and 2 TD's.
  • He didnt fumble.
  • He is considered a very good run blocker and a good pass blocker.

And here is the ranking(s):

  1. The Eagles obviously win this one. Weaver is a monster.
  2. I'm giving this one to the Redskins, Sellers is pretty good and he does many things for them, he was a bright spot on a rusted hood.
  3. Giants(it was close between 2 and 3) Hedgecock is a good FB.
  4. Cowboys' Anderson really isnt that special, and his blocking from what I've read is suspect, he's solid.

Offensive Line:

The OL is weird because I couldnt find stats so this ranking is done through who's got new pieces, age, whether they fit the Offensive system of said team etc...

Cowboys- The Cowboys OL is pretty solid. Free is the new starting LT for them, they dont really have that great of depth behind the starters and they are still pretty old... The Cowboys OL gave up 34 sacks.

Giants- The Giants OL had some struggles last year but overall they are pretty good, not to mention they wont have any new pieces this year... The Giants gave up 30 sacks.

Redskins- They are old, they really arent that good and they're playing style doesnt match what Shanahan needs, this isnt a good mixture... they gave up 43 sacks.

Eagles- We have a good OL, N. Cole should be improved and Stacy should be healthy.. We also have some decent depth if we have to use it... Eagles gave up 38 sacks.

Here are the rankings:

  1. The Giants come in here at #1, they have no new pieces, they have great chemistry and they gave up the least amount of sacks.
  2. I'd say the Cowboys are 2a here only because they have up less sacks.
  3. Eagles are basically 2b here just because they gave up more sacks.
  4. Redskins come in last because they dont fit Shanahans system, they are old and they gave up alot of sacks.

Please let me know what you thought, give me your input and what-not... I'm going to begin working on defense over the next few days, I'm going to begin with DE, DT and LB's.

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