2010 NFC East Outlook: A Cowboy Preview

(For those who missed my first post:

Next, on the list is the NFC East Champs, the Dallas Cowboys.


Jerry Jones has an interesting taste in receivers to say the least.

Key Offseason Additions: Alex Barron T, Dez Bryant WR, Sean Lee LB

Key Losses in the Offseason: Flozel Adams T, Ken Hamlin S, Bobby Carpenter LB, Duke Preston C

Analysis: They Cowboys are staying relatively the same in personnel, by just replacing losses and adding minimal depth at positions. It could be good to keep building on the success from last year, but it could also be negative while other teams in the east are steadily improving. You make the call.

Impact Players of 2010 Cowboys: Marion Barber RB, Felix Jones RB, Roy Williams WR, Dez Bryant WR, Miles Austin WR,  Martellus Bennett TE, Alex Barron LT

Having a three-headed rushing attack is a double edged sword. On one hand, it offers versatility and explosive plays, on the other, possessions a very valuable and short, so dividing up playing time is often difficult. Marion Barber is starting to hit the back burner of this rushing attack, as Felix Jones is catching the eye of the coaches, AND WAY MORE IMPORTANTLY, Jerry Jones. The Cowboys could let Barber slide behind Jones and even Choice, as Choice has been impressive when called upon. The running back starter for the Cowboys will have great impact on the Cowboys offense and could cause more drama to the circus.

The Legend? Oh, you must be giving DeSean Jackson a new nickname, right? No? Are you saying that Miles Austin or Dez Bryant is the next best thing since sliced bread? No? Oh, you mean the legend of the worst trade in Cowboys history, Roy Williams. He has A LOT to prove this year as the talented Dez Bryant is on his heels. But at least the two have one thing in common, they both are unproven.

I think that is being undervalued by Eagles fans, and overhyped by Cowboy fans. He had a huge 2009 with 81 catches, 1,320 yards and 11 TD's. That is extremely difficult to do. Also, I remember in 2008 he had some "flashes" against the Packers. So he is legit as a number one, but not superstar legit yet, lets see if he can match the numbers. Superstars are usually able to beat out their numbers from the previous year, so lets sit back and "get our popcorn ready."

Their was a close second in the biggest disappointment of 2009, a very very very close one. I distinctly remembered that Martellus Bennett was going to have a huge year and he would form one of the best TE tandems in the NFL. 15 Catches for a whopping 159 yards. But then there's Roy Williams.

Flozel was playing the most important offensive line possession in the NFL and did a decent job protecting Romo's blindside, however the Cowboys have parted ways and have brought in his replacement, Alex Barron. Barron is a talented tackle, but was struggling with the Rams. Hopefully a change in scenery will help his game, as he goes against beasts like Trent Cole, Osi Umenyoria, and Brian Orakpo.

Biggest Factor of the Season: The overall team defense. They Cowboys had a impressive defense to say the least with a powerful pass rush with Ware and Spencer, with solid coverage by Mike Jenkins and Terance Newman. However, for the Cowboys to continue their success they must continue the strong defense, as their is no question that the Cowboys can hang with any NFL team in scoring.

What Can be Expected on Offense: A powerful rushing attack with a strong passing game execpt for the question mark on receiver opposite of Austin. Witten and Austin will carry this team offensively though.

What Can be expected Defensively: A strong pass rush with Demarcus Ware, Jay Ratilff, and the emergence of Anthony Spencer. I think they end up top 5 in sacks this year (as a team).

The Cowboys have tons of talent, but they better wtach their backs as the NFC East is always not as it seems.

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