Comparing the Eagles to their NFC East rivals (QB's and WR's/TE's)...

First off this is most likely poorly done and will have many errors, just keep reading through and try to understand what I am saying.

I'm going to compare QB's, RB's, FB's, WR's, TE's, WR's, OL's.. Then I'm going to rank them in the order I feel has the edge(EX: Eagles-Giants-Redskins-Cowshits) and why.

I'm hoping to make 2 or 3 of these(Offense, defense and ST's) but that will depend on the turnout and how much you guys like it.


In the NFC East it seems that the QB situations are set in stone and we will be comparing Kevin Kolb, Donavan McNabb, Eli Manning and Tony Romo, so here we go.

Kevin Kolb- Kevin seems to be the prototypical West Coast offense QB and is inheriting a great group of recievers which include one of the most explosive players in the NFL (thats Desean for those that dont know) and a Tough as nails TE who has a knack for collisions. Kevins Career Stats are:

  • 79 completions out of 130 attempts with a 60.8 percentage.
  • He has 885 yards and 4 TD's with 7 INT's with only 5 sacks(psh I say "only") and has lost 40 yards from sacks.
  • His QB rating is 68.9.
  • He has 21 rushing attempts, for -1 yards and 1 TD...

However with Kevin it's not really fair to assess his entire career because he's been mostly a closer and his first significant action he was thrown into the fire against the #1 defense at the time when they were already in a feeding frenzy.. So here are his stats from his first to starts:

  • 55 completions out of 85 attempts with a completion percentage of 65.7 percent.
  • He had 718 yards with 4 TD's and 3 INT's with 1 sack for a loss of 7 yards.
  • His QB rating was 96.9.
  • He had 2 rushing attempts for -5 yards(idk it's what said) and 1 TD.

Eli Manning: Eli is the only QB in the NFC East to have a superbowl ring(starter at least). He has a fairly good group of recievers which include that Smith guy who catches alot of balls. Eli benefits from a good OL and unlike earlier in his career he makes good decisions now and manages the game.. Here are Eli's 2009 stats:

  • 317 completions out of 509 attempts with a completion percentage of 62.3%.
  • He had 4,021 yards with 27 TD's and 14 INT's and had 30sacks for a loss of 216 yards.
  • His QB rating was 93.1.
  • He had 17 rushing attempts for 65 yards and 0 TD's.

Donavan McNabb: McNabb is weird for this, he was an Eagle until Easter and well he's going into a bad situation, he's got no offensive line, his best reciever is coming off a broken ankle and he's got old old old RB's behind him all with alot of mileage... Things dont look to bright for Dmac in Washington if you ask me.. Here are his 2009 stats:

  • 267 completions out of 443 attempts with a completion percentage of 60.3.
  • He had 3,553 yards with 22TD's and 10 INT's and was sacked 35 times for a loss of 264 yards.
  • His QB Rating was 92.9.
  • McNabb had 37 rushing attempts for 140 yards and 2 TD's.

Tony Romo: Tony Romo is most likely my most hated foe, so lets make this as unbiased as possible... Tony had a decent OL infront of him and has a great Running game backing him up and his WR's look very promising except for Roy Williams he's garbage. So here are his stats from 2009:

  • Romo had 347 completions out of 550 attempts with a completion percentage of 63.1%.
  • He had 4,483 yards with 26TD's and 9INT's and was sacked 34 times for close to 200 yards.
  • Tony's QB rating was 97.6.
  • Romo had 35 rushing attempts for a masive 105 yards and 1TD..

Time for the Rankings:

  1. I think the Giants have the Edge at Quarterback because Eli Manning has become very good and his OL more often than not gives him the time he needs to make throws, he's also got a good group of WR's there that can take it to the house and be workhorses if needed.
  2. As much as I hate to do it the Cowboys have to be ranked second here due to Romo's 26 TD's to 9 INT's in 2009, add that to a stable OL and a good WR group and you can do the math.
  3. Third I have the Eagles because Kevin Kolb looks to have all the tools to be a great QB and has the Weapons to show it.
  4. Last I have the Redskins. McNabb wont have protection there, and he wont have any good WR's and once defenses key in on him and the TE well they're screwed.

Wide Reciever:

The NFC East is Full of good and great WR's, here's a breakdown over who has the edge..

Eagles- The Eagles have argueably the most dynamic WR's in the NFC East, infact I'm willing to argue that point to the death if needed. Heres Deseans, Maclins and Avants 2009 stats:

  • Desean Jackson- 62rec for 1,156 yards, and 9 TD's then add in the 11 rushing attempts for 137 yards and 1 TD and that looks pretty damn good to me.
  • Jeremy Maclin- 56rec for 773 yards and 4 TD's. For a rookie thats great then look at the fact he only started 13 games.
  • Jason Avant- 41rec for 587 yards and 3TD's.. Once again thats pretty good for a slot WR.

Redskins- The Redskins have the some young talent and then some old talent, they have a few breakout candidates though. Here's Santana Moss', Malcolm Kelly's and Devin Thomas' 2009 stats.

  • Moss- 70rec for 902 yards and 3 TD's. That's ok.
  • Kelly- 25rec for 347 yards and 0 TD's... LOL.
  • Thomas- 25rec for 325 yards and 3TD's.. Looks bad until you notice he only started 10 games.

Cowboys- Miles Austin had a great year, they added Dez Bryant and Roy Williams has promise(in Jerry Jones' eyes at least). Here are their stats/info on Dez.

  • Austin- 81rec for 1,320 yards and 11TD's.. A bit bloated due to subpar opponents but whatever.
  • Roy Williams- 38rec for 596 yards and 7 TD's... Once again a subpar year for Williams.
  • Dez has not stats due to being a rookie but he's very talented.

Giants- The Giants have a pretty good WR core. Here are Steve Smiths, Nick's and Manningham's stats from 2009:

  • Smith- 107rec for 1,220 yards and 7 TD's. Thats good.
  • Nicks- 47rec for 790 yards and 6 TD's. Great rookie year.
  • Manningham- 57rec for 822 yards and 5 TD's. Good for spliting time with Nicks.

Time for the Rankings:

  1. I think the Eagles have the Edge here within the division. They have one of the most dynamic players in the League in Djax, Maclin is only going to get better and Avant continues to get better every year.
  2. Giants come in 2nd here because they spread the ball around pretty well and 3 WR's have 5+TD's.
  3. Cowboys have no proven WR's. Dez is a rookie, Williams is horse-shit and Austins had 1 good year.
  4. Redskins WR's just suck. Although Thomas show's alot of promise.

Tight Ends:

The NFC is like the TE superpower of the world, each team has a good-great TE.

Giants- Kevin Boss is the Man at TE here, he's a good blocker and a good pass catcher, he is a load to take down when he has the ball and I personally have a little respect for the man. Here are his stats from 2009:

  • Boss had 42rec for 567yards and 5 TD's.

Cowboys- The Cowboys have Jason Witten who is a very good TE, He's a great blocker and a good Reciever. Here are his 2009 stats:

  • Witten had 94rec for 1,030 yards and 2 TD's. Although his TD count was down his receptions and yards were amazing.

Redskins- Cooley is the man here but Fred Davis did play alot to, he's the stats for both:

  • Cooley- 29rec for 332 yards and 2 TD's.
  • Davis- 48rec for 509 yards and 6 TD's.

Eagles- Brent Celek is a badass. here are his stats:

  • 76rec for 971 yards and 8 TD's... That's fucking legit.

Ranking Time:

  1. I'm giving the Edge to the Eagles, Although Celek had less receptions and yards than Witten he had 4 times the TD total.
  2. The Cowboys with Witten are second here, but believe me it's very close.
  3. I'm giving this spot to the Giants, Boss is a good TE.
  4. Redskins come in last although it was a toss up between them and the Giants here.



***** Let me know what you think, give me some simple and nice suggestions on how to make it better and I'm going to work on getting out the RB's, FB and OL within the next week or so***

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