Boo Robinson Thanks Philadelphia Eagles for Making His Dream Come True


What's goin' on Eagles fans!  My name is Albert Elias, and I'm Boo Robinson's agent.  I hope you don't mind me coming to hang with you guys, but I do a lot of blogging and would like to spend some time over here whenever Boo or the Eagles is on my mind.  

Oh, and if you wanna come say "Hi," feel free to holler at me on my Facebook page ( or Twitter (

Thanks again for having me!


I've already said it once on my Facebook profile, but I wanna say it again...

Boo Robinson just inked a three year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles!

(I'm proud of ya, Boo! ;-)

I can't reveal the financial terms of the deal, but I do want to share a quote from the big dog, himself, about his NFL dream coming true...

"Ever since I was a little kid, I've dreamed about playing ball in the NFL, and now that dream is coming true.  I'm so happy about this that I really can't put my feelings into words.  I definitely want to thank the Eagles organization for believing in me enough to give me a chance to succeed at the highest level.  I promise I'm gonna make the most of this opportunity."

Boo is SO happy.  And seeing him happy makes me happy, too ;-)

As his agent, I gotta show my hand and admit that the Eagles have really gained themselves a true diamond in the rough.  There were some teams out there who didn't prioritize picking him up, because of a minor injury he had trouble working out last season that resulted in him having a bit of a down year.  But I can assure all you Eagles fans out there that he's regained every bit of the strength and speed (and then some) that he had lost, and he's now in the kind of shape that's going to help him have long and successful career in the NFL.

Boo's gonna fit very well into the Eagles system - I can promise you that.  He's not only a physical talent who's going to tear it up on the field, but he's also man of great character that you're going to enjoy watching off the field, as well.  This is definitely one of those win/win situations where you can sit back and feel comfortable knowing that there's a lot to look forward to for Boo, the fans, and his new team, the Philadelphia Eagles ;-)

If you guys have any questions about Boo, please don't hesitate to throw them my way.  I might not be able to get back to you right away, but I promise I will in due time, either in the comments or a follow-up post.

Have a good one, Philly!


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