Psychological Profile of ProfileENT

Having seen only two postings and subsequent strings from ProfileENT - both incredibly abusive and ignorant, I am interested in developing a psychological profile of this BGN user and would like to see what we can come up with as a collaborative effort. To that end, I will bullet item some things that I recall about him and statements that he has made, add some deductive logic in order to come up with a psychological profile.


  • The subject is belligerent. He attempts to goad anyone who does not agree with him and even some that do.
  • The subject is delusional.  Several statements  support this observation:
    • He stated in one string last month that he was off to go wake boarding. But it was night time where he was claiming to be at the time.
    • He claims to be attending a university yet also claimed to be leaving for Cabo during finals week.
    • He states his physical prowess, athletic ability and impressive physical dimensions yet his demeaner is that of an early pubescent child who has been malicously bullied on a regular basis.
    • He claims to be matriculated at a highly regarded University - one that requires a considerable degree of dedication and intelligence in which to gain acceptance. He displays none of these traits in his posts.
    • Mr. ProfileENT tells us that he is a serious 'Karate Guy' and regularly threatens to kick the collective asses of his detractors. A guy with that attitude would be thrown out of pretty much any martial arts system before he got past a white belt.
  • The subject is irrational and immature. He displays behavior, postures and threatens like a child.


I do not think that ProfileENT is an emotional adult.  I suspect that he is not a physical adult either and would guess that he is less than 15 years of age - most likely twelve or thirteen, and he displays only average intelligence for that age group.  My guess is that he tests in the 40th percentile - a good bit lower than average.  

ProfileENT is friendless and often abused and feels that the anonymity of the Internet can allow him the opportunity to create a persona that will be respected and feared. When his subteffuge is exposed his brittle psychological defenses are shattered he becomes belligerent, insulting his detractors as best he can - until his defenses fail and he starts to rant nonsense insults and goes into a pre-catatonic state of confusion that can often be seen with boderline personality disorders.  His physical threats  would be laughable if he did not threaten to murder people. That is of course criminal behavior and instead it shows a propensity towards mental illness.

ProfileENT would best be ignored, except that it might be fun - if not somewhat tacky - to taunt him.


Please feel free to add your own analysis of this subject. I find him most intrigeuing and entertaining. 

+++ please note - while this message was not typed on blackberry, the author does not really give a flying fart about correct spelling or perfect grammar.  Sorry, that's just the way it is.+++

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