The New Era (that doesn't directly relate to the Eagles)

First of, a very solid draft by the Eagles this year. Hopefully the defense shapes up this year. Also this posts main goal is to give something fresh to read during this very dry time in the offseason.

The NFL is one of the biggest sports around. From the die hard fans like the ones on this blog and many others to the casual fans that are captivated by the big names like Drew Brees, Jerry Rice, and LaDainian Tomlinson. Many of these big names define periods of the NFL, and as transition takes place, names begin to slide and young faces are in the rise. Like as the 1990's era was captivated by Emmitt Smith,  the new era of the 2000's kicked of with LaDainian Tomlinson while Emmitt Smith faded to the back-burners of the NFL. Well my friends, the days of LaDainian Tomlinson, Brian Westbrook, Donovan McNabb, Tom Brady, and Randy Moss are coming to their final years. Yes, the NFL is into it's transition to its newest era.

Ladainian_20tomlinson_medium Randy-moss_medium


LaDainian Tomlinson is in his final stages of his career, Westbrook's career is basically over, Clinton Portis is over the age hump, and Terrell Owens is trying to find a home. These big name players and more are dwindling as the youth begin to outshine the superstars of the old. Even the mighty Peyton Manning is showing signs. Of course he isn't on the decline and had a very impressive year leading his team to the Superbowl. But he isn't getting better. I view him in sagnation in play and stats. This year he threw 33 TD's and 16 INT's. While that is a very good ratio and is one of the highest amounts Peyton has thrown in his career; that is also the highest number of interceptions he has thrown in 6 years. Tom Brady, another superstar, is slowing down. Yes he was coming of a knee injury last year. But his numbers have stayed the same from 2002 to 2009 excluding 2007 (their almost undefeated season). Basicly Tom and Peyton are stagnate. Show me gamefilm that show that their play has improved from the mid 2000's (2004-2007).

Teams realize this and are going younger. The Eagles are one of the many teams that are doing this.


Here are the players that I believe that will take over the league in a few years as the faces of the new era on offense. All are top 10 at each position in a couple of year (3-4)


1. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay - This kid is prime for the big time and become one of the best quarterbacks for the Packers and the league

2. Drew Brees, New Orleans - Drew Brees will continue to be on of the leaders in the league as the passer

3. Philip Rivers, San Diego - Rivers will continue to shine as the Chargers shift from runners to passers

4. Joe Flacco, Baltimore - The draft pick from two years ago will lead the Ravens to a contender to a dynasty like the Patriots and Brady

5. Matt Ryan, Atlanta - Vick who?

6. Tony Romo, Dallas - Romo will continue to be a great quarterback, but that doesn't mean the Cowboys will be winning any championships anytime soon

7. Matthew Stafford, Detroit - Things in Detroit are turning around like General Motors. And Matthew Stafford will lead the turn around from jokes to contenders

8. Peyton Manning, Indianapolis - Still in the top ten, but will continue slipping from the prasied number one quarterback in the NFL

9. Tom Brady, New England - Like Manning, in the top ten, but unlike Manning will have a more drastic slide

10. Kevin Kolb, Philadelphia - Yes, our very own in the top ten in a couple of years. He will bring us a championship and be one of the greatest west coast quarterbacks

Running backs

1. Adrian Peterson, Minnesota - Peterson holds onto his throne although faces a challenge from "every coaches dream"

2. Chris Johnson, Tennessee - Competes with Peterson for number one, but will still be one of the best

3. Ray Rice, Baltimore - The next best thing to Chris Johnson and Adrian Peterson, he is a powerful runner and a dangerous receiver like Johnson

4. DeAngelo Williams, Carolina - The underrated running back of the era becomes the superstar that he deserves to be

5. Steven Jackson, St. Louis - One of the bright spots of this year and will be the key to the Rams success in the new era

6. Michael Turner, Atlanta - Becomes a superstar, but is cut out of the top five

7. Shonn Greene, New York - The Jets must know they have something special with Greene if they were to release Jones and Washington, two guys ahead of him on the depth chart a year ago.

8. Jammal Charles - Like the Rams, one of the few players on the Chiefs that were exceptional

9. Frank Gore- Also will see some slipping as the old fade away

10. MJD - While still young, the running backs above will see much more production in the league as he will be approaching an "old" age in the NFL


1. Andre Johnson, Houston - The face of the franchise, a beastly WR that's quiet? That's unheard of!

2. Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona - Will make Leinart a better quarterback than he is and will make consistent numbers without Kurt Warner there.

3. Calvin Johnson, Detroit - Stafford to Johnson will be as popular as Manning to Harrison

4. Brandon Marshall, Miami - If he can stay out of trouble, then he will be a HOF

5. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia - Will probably be the most explosive player in the league for many years and will have more big play ability than any others on this list

6. Greg Jennings, Green Bay - Rodgers to Jennings becomes Brady to Moss

7. Anquan Boldin, Baltimore - If he flourished in Arizona, he will thrive in Baltimore as the number one guy

8. Santonio Holmes, New York - Will be the next best explosive player in the NFL and will give a legitimate threat to Sanchez

9. Roddy White, Atlanta - Garcia to Owens, wait no...McNabb to Owens, wait no...Romo to Owens, no...Fitzpatrick to Owens? Nah, jkjk. But all the good ones are taken.

10. Miles Austin, Dallas - The best reciver for the Cowboys for the up and coming era


 What do you think, are these guys going to lead the charge in the near future?

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