A Kolb Comparison



     Many of the so called experts want to portray Kevin Kolb and his situation with the Eagles to the legion of young QBs who have been thrust into the starting role out of their teams necessity for some sort of quality at that position.  Many if not most of these young QBs struggled mightily.  I for one don't think the comparisons are as valid as the people in the national media would have you believe.  First of all most young QBs don't get to start for a team that has overall playoff quality talent at the other positions.  Secondly the vast majority of young QBs don't unseat established probowl QBs who are still producing as if at the top of their games.  Furthermore how often did a young QB inspire so much confidence that his team was comfortable trading away a top preforming QB.
     It certainly doesn't seem that Kolbs situation can be fairly compared to say David Carr's, Tim Couch's,  or even Peyton Manning's situations when they were put in starting roles.  Now I certainly didn't do as much research for this post as the artist formally known as Bye Dawk : ( would do for his typical post but I can, off the top of my head, think of a few examples of young QBs who took over the starting role for their respective teams that more closely resembles Kolb's situation.



Tom Brady
Brady  gave the Patriots the ability to trade Drew Bledsoe.  This one is kind of a no brainer seeing as how Brady guided the Patriots to a Super Bowl the year before in relief of an injured Bledsoe.  Although the Patriots missed the playoffs in Brady's first full year starting they were a respectable 9-7 and I don't see anyone complaining in New England.



Philip Rivers
Rivers took over the reigns at San Diego following a very successful stretch by Drew Brees.   As Brees was left to free agency Rivers went on to lead the Chargers to one of their best seasons making the Pro bowl in his first full season as a starter.  You can't question Rivers success only whether the Charger chose the right one of the two QBs.



Vince Young
The Titans felt so good about Young that they let a Pro Bowler in Steve McNair walk away in free agency.  Although Young made the Pro Bowl and took his team to the playoffs in his first year starting, he has admittedly had an up and down career to this point.  Unlike the other people on this list Young spent no time on the bench being groomed under a top ranked QB and was thrust into starting his rookie year.



Steve Young
Young may not have been as young or inexperienced as Kolb when he took over the starting job with the 49ers but think about who the team had to unload to make room for him.  The 49ers were so confident in Young's abilities that they traded away a future Hall of Famer Joe Montana, who still had some left in the tank as evidenced by his performance in KC.



Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers is the player who's situation most closely resembles Kolb's.  Rodgers was drafted, to the dismay of the local fans, while his team was seemingly set at the QB position.  He did the good solder thing, sitting on the bench for a few years waiting for his chance.  When his team decided that they were running into a big game wall and had gone as far as they were going to go with Favre they traded Farve and promoted Rodgers to the starting role with little game experience.  All of this occurred after the team had had a very good regular season but a disappointing playoffs.  Sound like anyone we know?  Although the Packers didn't make the playoffs in Rodgers first year at the helm you certainly can't blame that on him.

     I don't think any one of the teams mentioned above would say they were worse off because of the decision they made to get rid of their old  starting QBs even though all the replaced QBs made the Pro Bowl the following year with their new teams, well maybe San Diego a little.  The common thread that runs through all of the above situations is that the people with the most knowledge about their teams, the coaches and front office, made bold decisions that they felt would improve their teams and were rewarded for them.

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