Marty Mornhinweg

Well I've been thinking about making a post about Mornhinweg for a good while now, and I figured since he's currently a hot topic I'd cash in while the gettin's good. Basically I'm going to give you my opinion and perceptions on our offensive coordinator, and I'd appreciate your insights because there may be things I'm not seeing.


Andy Reid has weaknesses as a head coach. He's a very good GM in my opinion, and is wonderful at every aspect of Head Coaching until gameday. On gameday: He blows timeouts like they have no importance. His talent with the little red flag is poor. Our offense before the end of either half is often a shambles. He doesn't know when to go for two or when to kick the field goal or when to for it on fourth down. He is not dedicated enough to the ground game and abandons it for long stretches. During the superbowl we were trying to make a comeback and he allowed for a clock-killing drive by our own offense. etc. etc. etc. 


First let me say I hope Kolb can come in and fix pretty much all of this by being a Peyton Manning-esque field general. If he can't, then I'm going to be brash and say this: Fire or demote Marty Morningweg    


I don't think he's a bad offensive coordinator, in fact far from it. My issue is this: this guy's weaknesses as a coach are identical to those of Andy Reid. He is not a good decision maker on gameday (plenty of examples from his time in detroit or here). He is perhaps worse than Reid when it comes to abandoning the running game. Thus the decision comes down to these options: 1)live with poor gameday coaching, 2)replace a great head coach, or 3)replace our offensive coordinator with someone who is more of an anti-Reid -  someone who is great on gameday and commits to the ground game. This type of coordinator could really help Reid and therefore our team. Are there any other options you can see? Like I said if kolb is a great leader maybe he can fix most of this, and Mornhinweg can stay.

In his defense, few in the entire world know more about the west coast offense or can draw up better WCO plays. He can draw up a screen pass like few others. He's a master of play design and a fine offensive coordinator. He just sucks as a gameday coach and unfortunately so does Reid. If he could be demoted and another guy brought in to call plays and keep an eye on game situations, that would be ideal.

So my hope is that kolb can say: "hey, lets go for 2 later there's plenty of time." Or "no, we need to run it here to keep them honest." If he can than our offensive coordinator is just fine. But if Kolb is just an athlete-quarterback like McNabb (no offense) who lets the coaches make all the calls, then between Reid and Marty we have some poor in-game decision makers who have hurt us in the past. I really hope Kolb is that kinda guy (he seems like it), because I don't want to get rid of a good coordinator like marty to cover up for Reid. If Kolb isn't, then chances are slim we reach the promised land with these guys making all the calls on game-day.


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