2010 First Round Likely Eagles Trade Scenarios/Teams

The Philadelphia Eagles are loaded with picks in the 2010 NFL Draft. This list is the official listing of picks from (The compensatory picks cannot be traded).


1 (24) Own Pick
2 (37) Acquired from Washington for QB Donovan McNabb
2 (55) Own Pick
3 (70) Acquired from Seattle in 2009 draft day trade
3 (87) Own Pick
4 (105) Acquired from Cleveland along with LB Alex Hall for CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong
4 (121) Own Pick
5 (137) Acquired from Cleveland along with LB Alex Hall for CB Sheldon Brown and LB Chris Gocong
6 (200) Acquired from Indianapolis in 2009 draft day trade
7 (243) Compensatory Pick
7 (244) Compensatory Pick


The most accurate trade value chart for the Draft that I found online is from Big Cat Country at

Using this chart the value of the current Eagles picks are as follows...

24 (670)... 37 (475)... 55 (310)... 70 (235)... 87 (150)... 105 (94)...121 (62)...137 (39)... 200 (13.6)

243/244 Not Tradeable

First off the most likely team to trade with is the Jacksonville Jaguars at #10. The Jaguars have been linked to Tim Tebow all offseason, and he is now being viewed as a first round pick. Their pick is worth 1100 points. Obviously the Eagles can also include players that Jacksonville is interested in as well (Throw-ins). A guy that I could see helping the Jaguars off our team is Max Jean-Gilles. I have always felt that like Gocong he is in the wrong system. Jean-Gilles is a better run-blocking guard, and has struggled in our pass-orientated offense the past couple of years. I still think that including Jean-Gilles we would have to come close to 1100 points with our trade. In my eyes the Eagles will want to hold onto the #37 in trades moving up in the first round. With a package of the 24 and the 55 they would have 980 points, and 120 away from the deal. They could accomplish this with just the 87 (3rd rounder), or Jean-Gilles and the 105 (4th rounder).

As you can see these moves up are complicated, so the Eagles will already have plans in place come draft day. To clarify, two ways that I had them moving up to #10 were:

#24 (1st Rounder), #55 (2nd Rounder), and # 87 (3rd Rounder), or #24 (1st Rounder), # 55 (2nd Rounder), #105 (4th Rounder), and Max Jean-Gilles.

By trading up to #10, I see the Eagles taking BPA. I could see them using the pick to trade up for Joe Haden, but more importantly there are a couple of pass-rushers who are probably going to be sitting there. First off, Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech. If he falls, the Eagles would have to pounce on him. This guy draws comparisons in playing ability to Julius Peppers who the Eagles targeted earlier in the offseason. He is an Franchise DE, and is very good against the run and the pass. He will contribute as a rookie. Morgan is very explosive, fast, strong, and has very good feet. He would instantly make the Eagles a better defense. Ncf_g_dmorgan_576_medium

Jason Pierre-Paul is another interesting prospect, if Morgan is off the board. He is a better pass-rushing prospect than Derrick Morgan, but not as complete. He is extremely quick, and has the potential to be a multiple time pro bowl DE. Personally I would rate Morgan higher than Pierre-Paul on my draft board, but some teams (i.e. Raiders) may salivate at his pass-rushing potential. Ncf_i_jpierrepaul1_600_medium

Another possibility is Brandon Graham. I see him going early, but I compare him more to Morgan than Pierre-Paul. Graham is a more complete end, who also has high character and intangibles. My bet is that he impressed the Eagles in their Combine interviews.  I am not sold on Carlos Dunlap, Alex Carrington, Everson Griffen so far. I think the Eagles need to target one of the top three D-Ends if they go for one early.


Keeping the #37 pick is important for the Eagles as well. That pick is worth 475 points. A player that they have been linked to is Devin McCourty. I think that if the Eagles don't draft at #24, the Vikings would take him at #30. That means that the Eagles should also trade the #37 up to #29 to grab him. The 29 is worth 595 (also an additional 120 points). Who is sitting at #29? The NY Jets, another Power rushing team. If the Jaguars took the 1st,2nd,3rd round package, the Jets may be willing to take the Jean-Gilles early 4th package. C4s_usfmain111309_93864c_medium

You may wonder why I targeted Defensive End and Cornerbacks. To me the Eagles value these positions on their defense more than linebackers. I do think that the Eagles will look to a linebacker or two in the draft, however I don't see them biting until the 3rd or 4th rounds.

Using these two trades the Eagles could walk out of the first round with Derrick Morgan/Jason Pierre-Paul/Brandon Graham and Devin McCourty. The Eagles would be left with #70 (3rd Round), 121 (4th), 137 (5th), 200(6th), and the two compensatory picks. 

Please share trade scenarios that you would like to see, but obviously there is a lot of thought that goes into these trades. It is really hard for both sides to come to an agreement, but it's very exciting when they happen.

- Kyle Middleton

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