State of the Eagles - A Pre-Draft, Post-McNabb, Offseason Summary


Now that the biggest (going out on a limb here) move of the offseason has gone down, it seems like a logical place to recap the offseason so far. So let's step back, take a deep breath, and look at what has happened to our precious Eagles since we fell to the Cowboys in the wildcard round. Get comfy, put on your reading glasses, and maybe get a drink, because there's a lot to go over, friend.

January 11th - Tom Heckert becomes the new GM of the Cleveland Browns

January 19th - Eagles get the ball rolling by signing CFL Rookie of the Year Martell Mallett, a running back formerly of the Montreal Alouettes.

January 29th - Howie Roseman is promoted to be the new Eagles GM, replacing Tom Heckert.

February 2nd - This Groundhog's Day, Punter Durant Brooks is signed to provide Sav Rocca with competition and motivation.

February 23rd - Eagles announce their intentions to release Brian Westbrook. Some Eagles fans riot, while others had half a brain and realized the Eagles would never pay $7 million+ to 30 year old running back who could very well be one head injury away from serious damage.

March 5th - The first day of free agency proved to be a busy day for the Eagles. They released linebacker Will Witherspoon and re-sign Leonard Weaver to a 3 year deal that made him the richest fullback in league history. Also of note is the expiration of the contracts of LB Jeremiah Trotter, DE Jason Babin, TE Alex Smith, S Sean Jones, and LB Tracy White.

March 8th - KFC Spokesperson and Eagles WR Jason Avant signs a 5-year contract extension (with the Eagles, not KFC). Stacy Andrews chooses to restructures his contract rather than get cut for being vastly overpaid. To finish off this glorious day, the Eagles convince the Buccaneers to take Reggie Brown off their hands for a 2011 6th round draft pick.

March 10th - "Legless" Marlin Jackson signs a two-year contract to compete for the starting free safety position.

March 11th - Former Air Force standout Chad Hall signs a 3 year deal to play 15 different positions. AT THE SAME TIME.

March 12th - Husband of Kendra Wilkinson and Saints Super Bowl MVP "Hammerin" Hank Baskett signs a one-year deal in which he is expected to make 2 significant plays for the Eagles.

March 16th - The suicide hotline in Seattle becomes the most-dialed number in America for a day when the Eagles trade Chris Clemons and a 4th round pick for the only player Seahawks fans like, Darryl Tapp. Mike Bell also signs an offer sheet with the Eagles. The Saints will later refuse to match the offer, making Bell an Eagle.

March 17th - On St. Patricks Day, the Eagles inform (former) Pro-Bowl Guard Shawn Andrews that he is now free to pursue his music career.

March 18th - Darren Howard and Kevin Curtis are unceremoniously shown the door. Andy Reid gives the same quotes for them as he has for every player he's ever released.

March 22nd - Akeem Jordan and Nick Cole sign their restricted free agency tenders, putting them under a one-year deal.

March 24th - Andy Reid announced the Eagles are listening to and evaluating offers for their quarterbacks. This is something the whole world knew, but everyone freaks out anyway.

March 30th - Ellis Hobbs and Chris Gocong sign their RFA tenders.

March 31st - Omar Gaither signs his RFA tender.

April 1st - To begin the worst 4 day weekend in the life of EvilBanner, the Eagles re-sign Joe Banner to a 3 year extension.

April 2nd - The Eagles trade Sheldon Brown (because he's old) and Chris Gocong (because he's Asian not very good in our system) to the Browns for Alex "You Never Heard of Me Before Today" Hall and their 4th and 5th round picks (105th and 137th overall).

April 4th - Easter Sunday (what's up with working on the holidays, guys?) Donovan McNabb is traded to the Washington Redskins for their 2nd round pick (37th overall) and a conditional 3rd or 4th in 2011, finally putting an end to the McNabb/Kolb debate and ushering in the "Start Vick"/"Why'd they trade McNabb to a division rival"/"we r doomd" era on Bleeding Green Nation.


  • Donovan McNabb
  • Brian Westbrook
  • Sheldon Brown
  • Shawn Andrews
  • Darren Howard
  • Chris Gocong
  • Will Witherspoon
  • Kevin Curtis
  • Jeremiah Trotter
  • Reggie Brown
  • Jason Babin
  • Chris Clemons
  • Alex Smith
  • Sean Jones
  • Tracy White


  • Darryl Tapp
  • Mike Bell
  • Marlin Jackson
  • Hank Baskett
  • Durant Brooks
  • Chad Hall
  • Alex "No Relation to Chad" Hall
  • Martell Mallett


What does this mean? Are the Eagles, in fact, rebuilding? Nope.

They're turning a new page. We already had replacements (Kolb and McCoy) on the team for the biggest names to go (McNabb and Westbrook). I'm not here to speculate on their future, but merely pointing out Andy Reid was prepared to make these moves. Shawn Andrews and Kevin Curtis were barely here the last two seasons. Sheldon Brown was probably the most surprising departure, but it makes sense after the fact.

Some say this team has a lot of holes to fill. Holes imply there is a serious, obvious deficiency that needs addressed immediately. Do we have holes on this team? I don't think so - yet. We have question marks.The closest thing we have to a hole is safety. What question marks do we have?

Quarterback - How good is Kevin Kolb? Can he handle the pressure of being the guy in Philadelphia? Will Michael Vick stay? Will he keep his mouth shut?

Runningback - Can LeSean McCoy handle the load? How important will he be to the offense? Is Bell a suitable backup?

Center - Who will be our center to begin the year? Signs point to Nick Cole or Mike McGlynn as of right now. Some think the Eagles will look to find a starter in the draft, but I think that's bollocks.

Guard - Will Stacy Andrews return to the caliber of player he was before he tore an ACL as a Bengal?

Tackle - Will we have a legit backup for Peters and Justice, or will we simply continue to slide out our interior linemen?

Tight End - If Celek gets injured again, are we in deep doo-doo? Is Cornelius Ingram healed up and ready to rock? Martin Rucker anyone?

Linebacker - Is Big Stewart Bradley ready to anchor our LB corps? Who will he play between?

Safety - Who will be our free safety this year? Will they play better than the abysmal revolving door of 2009?

Corner back - Who will replace Sheldon Brown? Ellis Hobbs seems like the most likely candidate, but is he fully healed from the neck injury he suffered?

I don't have answers for you, guys, but we're in for a rocky ride, and we still have 3 weeks before the draft.

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