Legit Eagles Mock Draft

First off:

I have a projected trade with the Atlanta Falcons involving their first round pick (19). The trade would be our picks 24, 105, 137, and 200 for their number 19 pick. That may seem like a lot but that is exactly what it would take to move up those five spots. Trust me, I checked the trade chart.


That leaves the Eagles with the following picks: 19, 37, 55, 70, 87, 121, 243, and 244.

And now for the mock draft...

19. I had the Eagles moving up five slots to pick either Sean Weatherspoon or Earl Thomas. I can see either man falling to the Eagles right here. Since the Eagles lost one of their two shutdown corners in Sheldon Brown last week, I project the Eagles to draft Earl Thomas, the free safety out of Texas with their first pick which I have them acquiring from the Atlanta Falcons. Earl is a smart, ballhawking, and young free safety that will allow our corners to gamble and really help out our passing defense.

Photo of Earl Thomas

37. This pick was acquired today when the Eagles traded long time starting quarterback Donovan McBadd to the Washington Redskins. With this pick I see the Eagles going for a cornerback, a defensive end, or an outside linebacker. With this pick I am going to go with the Eagles taking Kareem Jackson, the cornerback out of the University of Alabama. He is a little small but he is very fundamentally sound and played a lot of man coverage at Bama so he should be ready to step in and start for this Eagles defense. If not, Ellis Hobbs can surely start for the start if not the entire season. 

Photo of Kareem Jackson

54. Now that the Eagles secondary is solved for the present and the future the Eagles will be looking for a good interior lineman, outside linebacker, or just the best player available. Penn State product Sean Lee looks to be available along with Brandon Spikes, middle linebacker from the University of Florida. I like Spikes a lot and think the Eagles will take him over Lee forcing Bradley to switch back to SAM. Spikes brings a lot of passion to the field and can definitely help with the rush defense.

Photo of Brandon Spikes

70. With the 70th pick the Eagles are still looking for another outside linebacker, a pass rusher, or an interior lineman. There are a ton of interior lineman projected to go in this round so I see the Eagles waiting till later. With this pick the Eagles select Navorro Bowman, linebacker from Penn State University. He didn't run the fasted 40 yard dash (4.72) nor does he have a clean legal record. But he does have a jersey from linebacker U and many people's respect on the gridiron. He is a good guy and doesn't seem to be searching for trouble anymore. He will have to translate to WILL to start this year, if not Jordan isn't a bad option for this year.

  Photo of Navorro Bowman                     

87. With this pick the Eagles are definitely going to take an interior lineman. His name is JD Walton, the center from Baylor. This guy is being projected by many people to go to our beloved Eagles. He will step in and start right away at center.

Photo of J.D. Walton

121. With this pick I see the Eagles taking another interior lineman, this time an offensive guard. The pick: Mitch Petrus, the offensive guard from Arkansas. He can start at right guard right away if the Eagles don't have confidence in Stacy Andrews (or he just plain out isn't ready to put his big boy pads on). 

Photo of Mitch Petrus                

243. With this pick the Eagles take Zoltan Mesko, the ginormous punter from the University of Michigan. 

Photo of Zoltan Mesko             

244. With this pick the Eagles take Dominic Randolph, the quarterback from Holy Cross. He had a tremendous pro day (he wasn't invited to the Combine) and the Eagles are showing interest. The Eagles grab him here.



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