Re-evaluated Team Needs NFC East: Eagles

Ironic how quiet the Eagles were at the beginning of this off-season.

As we all know, Sheldon Brown (pic below) and Chris Goconghave been traded to the Cleveland Browns for a 4th (105), 5th (137) picks and 2nd year 3-4 OLB Alex Hall. While most see this trade as confusing, the Eagles have historically have been consistent will these decisions. 1. Once a CB slows down for the Eagles, they usually are soon no longer with the team ex: Lito Sheppard, Troy Vincent, and Bobby Taylor. 2. Once over the age of 30, you are soon gone as well.


I do thing we got ripped off though. Yes Cromartiewas traded for a 3rd, but two things. 1. 3rd round in 2011, not in this years deep draft class. 2. The Browns 4th is essentially a late 3rd this year. But Brown is a better CB than Cromartie and had more value to the Eagles defense than the Chargers. But hey maybe its karma.



This trade has a huge impact on our needs and our 1st round board.

Eagles Needs: CB, S, SAM OLB, OG, C, RB, TE, DE

Eagles Needs from most help to late round pick:

T 1. CB

T 1. C/OG


3. S

4. TE

T 5. RB

T 5. DE

DB Hole: With the trade of Sheldon Brown, the Eagles don't have a lock starting CB opposite of Asante Samuel. While some say Ellis Hobbs is a possibility; a more plausible CB on our roster could be a young man we saved from Free Agency a year ago, Joselio Hanson. Playing extremely well the '08 season, Hanson could develop into a starting CB for the Eagles in the upcoming season. Another hole in our backfield is FS. The signingof Marlin Jackson is iffy with his medical condition, so the hole isn't filled (that's what she said). If the Eagles drafted a FS or SS, it allows the Eagles to be flexible. Maybe a SS could move Quintin Mikell to FS and Marlin Jackson to CB. Either way CB or S needs to be addressed in the draft.

OL Hole: With the uncertainty of Jammal Jackson, the Eagles have a huge hole in the OL. Nick Cole has played both C and RG with the Eagles, and has played excellent as a RG. Originally added to the Eagles as a C, Cole provides options to the Eagles. I strongly feel however, that Cole is well served at RG, competing with Stacy Andrews rather that start at C and get rapped again like the Cowboys game. Drafting a C allows us to keep Cole and Andrews competing at RG, allows Jammal Jackson to come back when ready, and allow our OL to get younger and better.

LB Hole: Last year the Eagles had six different starting inside LB's. The blow of up and coming star Steward Bradley lost to injury severely crippledthe LB corps. WithSteward hopefully returning to his former play, the Eagles have a starting WILL LB in Akeem Jordan, who shined in the first half of the season, but knee injury hurt his later season. But there remains a SAM LB hole. With the flux of LB's last year, 7th round rookie Mosie Foku made strides at the end to at least be considered a candidate for the SAM next year. A name less mentioned is Omar Gathier, RFA, could also provide as a starter. He hasn't gotten a fair shake yet but last season looked like a solid solution to our MLB woes until his season ending foot injury. But no doubt that Andy needs to draft somebody to compete in the early rounds.

Mock Draft *EDIT* Switch Nate Allen FS and Navorro Bowman LB picks (mix up) and forgot extra 3rd rounder

Round 1(24): Kyle Wilson CB, Bosie State: The talented corner falls to us at 24 and competes with Hanson and Hobbs

Round 2 (40): Mike Pouncey C, Florida:The Eagles get the center and solidify our OL for years to come. The Eagles trade McNabb for the raiders high 2nd (like a first). Moving one of the two LB's to SAM.

Round 2 (55): Navorro Bowman LB, Penn State:With another 2nd to spare, Andy decides that LB's are kinda important. Competes with Gaither and Foku, but expected to win the job.

Round 3 (70): Nate Allen FS, South Florida: Allows Marlin Jackson to recuperate and competes with him at FS or competes at CB

Round 3 (87): John Jerry G, Mississippi: Andy likes to grab linemen, adds good depth at either G position

Round 4 (105): Joe Hawley OL, UNLV: Reid is most likely to grad more than one lineman , the Eagles have already worked him out as well.

Round 4 (121): Linval Joseph DT, East Carolina: With the depth behind Patterson and Bunkley a question, the late pick adds something to work with. 

Round 5 (137): Daryll Clark QB, Penn State: With McNabb gone, the Eagles could use another QB besides Vick. He has good arm strength for Andy's passing attack. Reminds  me a little of McNabb

Round 6 (200): Daniel Te'o-nesheim DE, Washington: The Eagles could develop him to be a heir to Cole or if Tapp doesn't work out.

Round 7 (243): Stafon Johnson RB, Southern Cal: He runs with good vision and does a good job of pressing the hole and heading upfield with a decent burst. Would be a camp body to a 3rd stringer.

Round 7 (244): Nyan Boateng WR, Califorina: Camp body with a already crowded WR group 

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