Three Rookie Free Agents & Two Veterans Join the Eagles Roster


The signings just keep on coming. Over the past two days, the Eagles front office has been hard at work, scouring what's left of the free agency and building the roster up for this weekend's minicamp. Yesterday, they continue to build their offensive line by picking up former Buccaneers offensive guard Shawn Murphy. At 6'4" 315 lbs, Murphy has a good size to perform as a rotational lineman, but lacks the technique to play at a starting caliber.

The team also signed three undrafted rookies: West Texas A&M running back Keithon Flemming, Arizona cornerback Devin Ross, and Miami defensive end Eric Moncur. Here are the scouting reports on each, per the Eagles website:

Keithon Flemming:

A true all-around performer, Flemming represents the Buffs' leading rusher and receiver returning for the 2009 campaign. Last season saw the Mesquite, Texas, native add to his status as an `all-around' performer in 2008 by displaying his skills on the defensive side of the ball while recovering from a hand injury. He enters his senior campaign with 10 career 100-yard performances and is just 172 yards shy of a top-10 berth on the WT career rushing yardage list.

Devin Ross:

The Good: Aggressive zone cornerback best facing the action. Mixes it up with opponents, stays with assignments, and works hard to defend the run. Fluid pedaling in reverse, effectively reads the action, and displays a closing burst. Works to get a jam in on opponents and aggressive throughout the route.

The Bad: Rather easily gives up inside positioning. Gets a bit high in his backpedal and somewhat stiff in transition.

The Verdict: Ross is an adequately sized corner who's displayed a lot of improvement in his game the past two seasons.

Eric Moncur:

The Good: Effective college pass rusher who struggled with injuries the past two years. Plays with a good degree of explosion, quickly changes direction, and fast off the edge. Covers a lot of area on the field, naturally strong and wraps up tackling. Effectively uses his hands to get off blocks.

The Bad: Slow shedding blocks and has tackles broken. Marginal size at defensive end. Lacks the speed to be an outside linebacker.

The Verdict: After showing NFL potential in 2007, Moncur has watched his development come to a halt the past two seasons. Offers potential as a nickel pass rusher moving forward if he's healthy.

Finally, the Eagles completed their minicamp signings by recruiting a third punter to the roster: Ken Parrish. Some of you may remember him from his brief stint with the team last offseason, where was released during a roster trimming. Parrish has been around the league since 2007, spending time with the 49ers and the Jets in addition to Philadelphia, but has never found serious NFL work. He will join the young Durant Brooks as competition for the inconsistent Sav Rocca. It's also worth it to note that Parrish has been practicing his holding skills in addition to kicking and punting. Since Rocca is the current holder for the field goal unit, look for that particular skill set to play a significant role in the coming roster battle. Now, if only Koy Detmer were here...

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